a proud moment

Last night my families business' participated in our local Spirit of the Sea Festival.... we had 2 floats in the parade... along with 3 other "floats" in our line up.... my parents GMC motor home club participated as well... we had 5 1977 GMC RV's all lit up... it was pretty cool! Being part of the community is something we love doing.

What impressed on me last night was my girls... how amazing they are! A couple of my 13 year old's friend backed out in being in the parade with us ( the kids hand out salt water taffy ) as they didn't like people looking at them, I had no idea teenagers felt that way! haha ... we had 1 friend of Hailey's help us out .... but to watch my girls so excited, so full of life and with bright smiles on their faces, covered in glow sticks and proudly wearing our logo t-shirts .... well I was so proud! So proud of their spirit, so proud of their attitudes... so proud of them all the way round and the little women they are becoming. I love how they feel the ownership of our family business and love to be involved... and even if it is just handing out candy in a parade. I love how they are eager to be involved in community and giving back.

We are talking about going to a homeless shelter on Christmas Day ... time to really kick up it up a notch! and I still dream about taking them on a missions trip.... give them some more perspective on the big wide world.

Bottom line sometimes my girls drive me crazy and wear on me :) they can be demanding and all that comes with being teenagers! BUT and that is a BIG BUT they are amazing girls who have huge hearts and I am SO very proud to be their mom.


shashers Life said…
wow, it's been a year since I was there then. It was fun participating in it last year with all the family. :)

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