our holiday

Due to terrible wifi service at Cape Kiwanda I couldn't post regularly as I had planned so this recap will have to do!

me and the retro beauty! :) and yes I am pink here.. we all got quite burnt!

 we did a little painting..but not as much as I thought as being right across the street from the beach meant we were at the beach A LOT!
 the sand was totally amazing, so soft and silky... we had a blast
the waves were huge! there were surfers everywhere! and trucks parked on the beach which is something I have never seen before!

 the kids had a total riot!
 my Em being silly with the camera... I have NO idea where she gets this from hehehe

It was an amazing week besides the sunburns! and I would definitely recommend going to Cape Kiwanda RV Resort! being directly across from the Ocean was amazing and way more relaxing for me.. last year at Seaside/Astoria I had to unplug the RV every time we wanted to go to the beach and while I am now a pro :) it gets a little much and takes longer... this location and the beach were totally amazing and worth the extra drive.. I believe Cape Kiwanda is about 95 miles South of Astoria.

We left Friday and made our way up to Sumas to stay at a friends farm for the night... it was SO nice having adult company after a week with 6 kids! while I had a great time and for the most part the kids were well behaved...you know besides the usual sister rivalry crap ....I was longing for adult conversation and adult company! The kids loved my friends place and quickly were made to feel right at home... Sat morning we were treated to a pancake breakfast feast and again it was so nice to sit back and relax.... that was the entire day! just so relaxed... immersed in adult female company as the kids were distracted by my friends kids...we went to a local fair, watched a parade, ate tomales..then we went to the local bull riding rodeo... a week of firsts for the kids! it was so much fun! The kids cannot wait to go back again! well me either for that matter it is an amazing feeling being made so welcome and so at ease and so at home in this family. I am overwhelmed with the total acceptance and openness :)

the following may be a little TMI for some male readers :)

The evening was cut a little short as I started to experience some health stuff that I needed to deal with by quickly heading home and yesterday went to the ER... today I am having more tests and hopefully by the end of the week we will have some answers and no drastic measures will be needed to resolve whatever it is that is going on. So while this is not so good and a little worrisome I cannot express how thankful I am that it started to happen in Sumas only an hour from home rather then in Oregon and an 8 hour drive! that would NOT have been a good situation.. and then when I was in the ER my favorite OB/GYN was there and as we have a long standing history (he saw me through my last 3 pregnancies and delivered the 3 girls and is totally amazing in that he understands no one gets their body like the individual and he listens and works WITH me, I trust him completely) .. so I was feeling thankful and knew that God was taking care of me each step of the way.. makes me feel peaceful about what is going on and able to trust that all things work together for good.  Due to the history of what is going on the answer he would have given is lets just take it all out and be done with it and he saw my resolve before he even finished saying it and said okay Lise you have a 2nd chance at a whole new life here lets do everything we can to save us from doing a drastic surgery. Without saying too much I am sure that I am not ready to make the choice to not have a choice in the future. It may be decided that I don't have a choice and I will make peace with that but as long as I have a choice... I want it. My future is bright and full of promise. I can see God working in every aspect of my life and I know I am in the best hands ever!!


Anonymous said…
You went camping with six kids? I don't know if you're brave or crazy!!!
Lala's world said…
yup I think I am a little bit of both!! :)
Anonymous said…
I always thought you where more crazy than brave. Not that it's a bad thing as crazy is always more fun than brave.

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