budget woes

I did accounting for years and years and I learned what they say is true that what you do for a living you don't do such a hot job of at home... I SUCK at doing my own accounting/budgets. I don't have a choice anymore! I just signed the girls up for soccer and it's $1,000!!! yup so yah...back to school supplies and clothes/soccer cleats.... ALL looming! so whats this momma to do?!

 budget budget budget!

I guess a start is to cut the bleeding... we eat out a lot... like a lot a lot... my excuse? I work all day and the last thing I want to do is cook when I get home....I have 3 girls totally capable of helping in this department and I am usually met with a lot of resistance. I meet resistance with the girls in most chore related conversations :) I am working on this and bottom line is we just cannot afford to eat out like we used to and it's time the girls pull their socks up and help out... it is what it is and we all need to chip in to have a happy clean home we can enjoy.

The next area is to tackle some of the bills and get them down like cable and cell phones and groceries (by planning meals better and having less waste) ... my cell bill is outrageous! There are some things that I cannot change but what I can change I need to change. I have to go talk to my cell provider asap as the difference between my plan and my usage is way off kilter. I have a hard time planning meals as we have such varied schedules and lots of last minute change of plans happen in this crazy fab 5 household of women! I have started shopping south of the border and while I feel like such a traitor to my Province I simply have to if I am going to live in a budget. I long for the day where I can have a big veggie garden again...fresh organic veggies at my disposal! I miss it, I miss canning which is weird... but I do! I long for the ability to make things grow... ok this is a total bunny trail! but one day I hope to have a large veggie garden again.

I have come to the conclusion that I am not good at living on a budget... and like with most things in life it's time to grow up and be a man.. I mean be the strong wise amazing talented woman I am !!! haha... seriously I just don't have a choice and I don't enjoy the stress and it's not like I can get another job to bring in more income! I just have to do what I have to do... and stop talking about it and walk it out.

any budget advice out there? anyone... anyone :0)

( and yes I realize I just took the girls on a camping trip...but I did it on a tight budget, there might be hope for me yet hehe, and we compromised on not taking the original trip to California like I had planned to spend less on gas )


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