Ever have those moments in life the surreal moments when you can feel time stop and have the ability to scroll through memories from years gone by in mere seconds? Watching my baby stroll across the stage to receive her "diploma" ... I know that her dogwood won't come yet until all grades are in but she IS graduating so we celebrate now anyways... it was surreal for me...
I could see the little squirming baby that was flopped on my belly only seconds after being born
I saw the little blond big eyed toddler taking her first steps
I heard the first time she said momma
I saw the way she scrunched up her nose and made funny faces
I saw her walk into her first day at kindergarten
the years of her school flashed by
my baby growing bigger and bigger
until my eyes refocused
and there she was
walking across the stage
huge smile on her face
pride in her step
and I felt every moment, every memory
every school struggle
every night of homework
and felt proud
sooooooo soooooo proud

my babies are getting so big
the next stages of their lives will be on them before I know it

and I struggle to hold on to memories and let her step out of my arms and into this great big world
and that
is surreal


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