Mother's Day

 Mother's Day was a little crazy this year as it was the day after the wedding I catered and I had to be at work at 9 am...AND I switched the restaurants POS and yah it's been a FUN couple of weeks (that was sarcastic fyi) .... Hailey was working with me and Morgan and Emily were working that night,...normally I work every Sunday night as well but I was graciously given the night off! I was pretty dog tired, still am, so I am not sure how coherent I would have been with customers! I didn't even see my mom on Mother's Day! I worked, dropped off the rental dishes from the wedding, then crashed in the sun for a bit dragged myself to the couch for another little bit then took Hailey and Foo to our friends house where I invited ourselves over for a BBQ... I don't have one and am petrified to light one if I did have one! It was a great evening and the tenderloin was DELICIOUS! I am learning to catch moments like this when I can as time is not my friend these days.

Since it was a bit of a chaotic day and a crazy weekend the girls were as disorganized as I was and all had forgotten their cards they made for me at school... although I did get lots of kisses and hugs as per usual.

Faith gave me her card yesterday and it was really cute.. a poem all about how important a mother is... Hailey also gave me her card and while the poem was cute what she wrote on the side is my favorite part of the card,... it reads " Even though I say "I don't like you" 3/4 of the time ... I STILL LOVE YOU" pretty much says it all right there! sums up our relationship pretty good!

Emily gave me her card today... they had to write a metaphor and while I love the poems the girls gave me.. something they had to come up with on their own is just that much more special

hers read
My Mother
My mother is a small, well-designed lake
house. It's sturdy and built with care.
It's warm inside and makes me feel at home.
I feel welcome when I see it.
It's bright even when it's dark outside. It
carefully and securely holds all the
good memories. When I look into it's
foundation I see years of hardship but the
strength of the base has never faltered.
Even when the paint is chipping and the floor is
squeaking it remains solid and is the same
lake house as before. It provides all the
necessities. It's fridge is full of homemade
meals and fresh squeezed sour lemon-aid.
The drapes are vibrant and are pulled to the
side so everyone can see the view of the lake.
The rugs are torn through years of use, but
still remain soft and comfy, The bed is hard
and uncomfortable but is covered in a
beautiful duvet cover.
My mother is a small, well-designed lake

I was a little speechless.... the biggest thing I feel when I read this... was seeing the way my daughter sees me... and that is the best Mother's Day gift I could ever ask for. 


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