going going going

I interrupt this not-so-regularly-posted-on blog
as this single momma of 4 daughters
who works like umteen hours
around the clock it seems
with no end in sight
oldest daughters graduation looming
2nd daughters grade 7 grad camp looming
housekeeper... ok well not exactly my profile but I do tidy and clean it just gets undone as fast as I can do it!!
cook ... ok once again I have lost my flair, for explanation see picture above
re-mentioning the single momma of 4 GIRLS cuz that deserves another mention! :)
laundry mat - seriously does it EVER end? and WHY do I get blamed when they cannot find their own clothes???!! as if I wear them!! they wear mine now! speaking of which daughter #3, who is only JUST turned 12, passed me in height this weekend and is the SAME height as daughter #2...daughter #2 not so impressed...me...well I accepted the fact long ago that I will be the shorty in the family!
garbage taker-outer....cept for when I ask oldest daughters boyfriend as I figure he owes me somehow :)
birthday party planner extraordinaire....the girls birthdays are so close together, this weekend is daughter #4's party she invited her ENTIRE class cuz her momma is a pushover and 5 of the wee girls are sleeping over as well with the blessed child demanding full spa treatments by yours truly and full breakfast to be served promptly whenever her highness deems fit. This is the last of the birthday season and it couldn't come soon enough.

is a little tired these days

bottles and boxes of wine donations always excepted :)
especially if one delivers in person :) and stays to help with any of the listed above :)


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