the baby's birthday

My baby's birthday marks the end of what I refer to as "birthday season" ... my birthday is next month but I have magically stayed at the age of 29 and so they simply don't count anymore. It is by far an expensive season for me and now that I am single all of it falls on me...not that it was much different before as generally the moms plan this kind of stuff. Little Faith was sooooooo super excited for her birthday... she invited the entire class and we had a pool party the weekend before her actual birthday as I had the wedding to cater this past weekend and so we had to plan her birthday earlier. She had lists made and had it all sorted out...sounds familiar as this was something I totally did as a child...pretty much 6 months before my birthday I had it planned! a handy gift that is totally helpful in my job today! :)

My baby is 10! I can hardly believe she is 10 years old! this little miracle baby that I thought I had lost  is such an amazing gift to me. She really is the completion of my family. She has quite the sense of humor and was born to be on stage. She can mimic accents perfectly and recite lines to movies...she LOVES movies. She is probably the biggest fan of Johnny Depp ever...she reads stuff on him and did a school project on him when the other kids picked stuff like planets and dinosaurs!! She struggles with things in school and her brain learns different and she is totally aware of the fact. I worry about different aspects of this and how it affects her but she is amazing with using her humor to cope. (sorry if this post isn't flowing smoothly I am way over tired and feeling every bit of the many hours I put in at work this weekend)

There are some things that I am currently really worried about with my baby girl. This year and a half have left a bit of a mark and most likely so did the years prior. I hate seeing my kids struggle with things that they should never have had to struggle with. I see the anger and frustration that this little girl feels and she rarely lets out any real tears right now and that is so worrisome to me. I so wish I could have wrapped my girls in bubble wrap and protected them from the big grown up crap that they were exposed too. It breaks my heart.

This little miracle who loves to make people laugh is such a delight to me.... even when she leaves her dishes and garbage where she was sitting and hardly ever flushes the toilet ;) hehe .. she is sensitive and affectionate and cares for others deeply. She makes me laugh and I love watching her reenact a scene from a tv show or movie... she is talented and she amazes me with how quickly she memorizes entire songs! She is beautiful and is a joy to me.

Happy 10th Birthday little foofoo


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