parenting woes

I am pretty sure it's not a coincidence that right after I have a "break through" of sorts I am shortly hit with what feels like a major hit...this week has been no exception. Morgan had been having problems with her kidneys...having a kidney infection last week and it just wasn't fully going now she is sitting in the hospital while they take test after test, seen a kidney specialist and all.... and they do not have any clear answers. So they are keeping her in until the pain goes away or they find an answer... I guess which ever comes first. As a single mom I was not able to drop everything and sit with her and talk to the dr's which is what I would love to do!! thankfully her dad came out last night and sat with her for like 5 hours! I am so thankful for that as I had a special event at work and I wasn't able to just excuse myself so I spent the majority of the time glued to my phone for updates... not fun, although the event went really really well and I am so thankful for that... then this morning Foo said my tummy hurts...and proceeded to barf and have well lets just say she was pretty sick all over... and Emily woke up with a migraine and Hailey who was sick Tuesday as well still had a headache and felt gross... so today was interesting to say the least!

I have driven back and forth to see Morgan..drove out to Langley to finalize and sign for my Will..which was expensive and yet necessary in my new position in life ( oh but my lawyer did tell me that I look great so much better then the last time he saw me and even said I look younger! I didn't even have to pay him to say that haha!! he is also a friend of the family so I know he was being sincere and not feeding me a line, that made me feel great cuz really I feel like #$@_) right now!! ) ...drop off ginger ale for the sickies at home...try to unclog toilet plugged with vomit...and make a few meetings that I forgot that I had today... um yeah a little much! I finally laid down on the hospital bed with Morgan this afternoon and shut my eyes a bit as I am feeling exhausted. and apparently the kids were lying in my bed cuz I can feel crumbs,...HUGE pet peeve!! in general it is safe to say that I am feeling a little cranky.

Not knowing what is going on is scary. Not having the support from a husband / spouse ... is ... uncomfortable! (that's a safe word to express what I am feeling )  Knowing I am on my own pretty much... that's hard to swallow some times more then others..... but I am thankful her dad came out and spent time with her...thankful for my neighbor who is always here when I need her .... thankful for our Pastor who has visited Morgan both days now ... thankful for my parents who are always supportive of me. Thankful for all the love and support and prayers I know were/are coming our way. I am hoping that tomorrow the Dr's will have some answers and Morgan can get the right meds and help for her body/mind, it's stressing her out that no one knows whats going on,  and the other girls will get better soon and our crazy little life can resume as "normal".


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