highschool angst

Hailey on her new classic cruiser!

she loves her new bike as do I! I think I might ask for one for my birthday :) that or a BBQ! I haven't had a bbq since, well, since I have been on my own and I don't want to go another summer without some bbq!! going down south to some of the BBQ taste offs is on my bucket list! I love me some BBQ!

So we survived the week... I am totally exhausted and feeling it all, when the emotions have been running on overtime it's not long before your body reacts as well. That's just my personal experience at any rate. Morgan is back at school and I talked to the school and they are going to help her get caught back up and making sure she graduates which is looming closer and closer! and to top it all off the dress that she had she no longer has...long somewhat boring story... but it means we are on the hunt for a new dress and her grad is like SOON! ahhhhhh so she was panicking today and we are pretty sure we are going to jump the border and look down there as we have heard they have great deals...and hey as a single momma of 4 girls... I need me a good deal!! it's birthday season and grad and my van is getting repaired.. AGAIN... and and and life...it's not cheap! not whining just reality! I think it will actually be fun shopping for grad dresses together we didn't get to do that with the first one and I think it's a mother daughter bonding moments that I look forward to!

Speaking of graduation and high school... this is my attempt at a clever segway!! last week when I was sitting in the restaurant having lunch with me mommy and my 2 Aunties there was a family sitting across from us and the dad/man seemed soooo familiar....I had a feeling he was from my high school.. like a real big feeling but I couldn't be sure... my dad was being super friendly to them as they had 2 little girls and he was telling them about the treasure cave in our restaurant..totally his creation as he is still a massive kid at heart! ... and as they stood up to leave my dad asked them if they had been there before and they said no and the man was standing there and I had my chance.. I cautiously asked ... "by any chance did you go to high school here" ... he said he did so then I said his name.. he was a little shocked to say the least, I even called him by his nickname in high school...he was a little embarrassed that I remembered him and he didn't remember me...that was ok I said I am not sure I was that memorable in high school... we talked about our Socials 11 teacher which is why I remembered who he is. You see I did something to him in that class that I have never forgot ... that I have thought of throughout the years and felt so badly about... a prank I pulled on him with my bff at that time, who I haven't talked to in 17 years btw, and I have always felt bad about my little stunt. Here he was standing in front of me telling me how he has lived in Toronto for the past 20 years and I couldn't bring myself to tell him WHY he was so memorable to me. In my 2.5 years at the public school..I spent the rest of my educational years getting a not-so-great-education at 2 Christian schools, not b/c they were Christian schools per say but lets just say I am surprised I know how to read kind of education I received!! sorry bunny trail anywoo I had a lot of kids in my different classes and only had 1 with this guy ever in that 2.5 years and yet I remember him b/c of my bad behaviour... what was the prank you ask? well my bff and I got caught drawing on the desk... yup you thought I was an innocent WRONG :) and so we had to stay in over lunch and wash all the desks.... we thought it would be funny to leave a little puddle on HIS chair and so we squirted the cleaning solution in a little puddle and as predicted he didn't notice when we came back to class and he sat in it and shortly after excused himself to the bathroom with what looked like an oopsy daisy peepee accident on his pants.....brutal I have always felt ashamed of myself and here he is standing in front of me like 22 years later and we made small talk about our Socials teacher and I wished him well and he left and I didn't apologize... I had my chance at restitution and didn't take it... I chickened out ... I shared my plight with my family and they said " you just had your chance run after him " but I couldn't... it was like I glued myself to the seat... I couldn't move. And so this here is my lame attempt at restitution... I don't remember his last name as I thought of finding him on facebook and apologizing for what I did behind the safety of a computer screen that doesn't see his face when I admit what I did! I don't even know if he remembers it and it was a teenage prank but as I watch my girls struggle with peers I can't help but know how humiliating events can leave a mark. I am hoping it didn't and have told the girls what I did, this was actually the only prank I ever pulled to another student!, and told them how I have always felt bad.....now I have to tell them to take their chance when they can to apologize....lead by my mistakes may be, hopefully, just as effective as shooting info at them I know nothing about... oh I like how I put that in my favor spin on that :)

phew glad that is off my chest ;)


Shashers Life said…
Oh La, I hope you do find him again and have a chance to do it face to face. I believe God puts us in these situations, "for such a time as this".

Who was it? Maybe I can help you find him.
rena said…
Trust me, you don't have to find him, he'll find you. If your heart is ready, willing and able to confess the prank to him, offer apology and make amends, he'll come back to the restaurant...these things just have a way of working like that, sort of like gravity, can't explain it, but know it's works. And when he does, buy him lunch, and then tell him it's your way of saying sorry, and when he asks why, let him know. You'll make his day, even if he didn't remember the episode all those years ago.


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