a 12th Birthday

This weekend is my beautiful baby Hailey's 12th Birthday! this is a little hard as the girls, the younger 3, are at their dads this weekend for Easter and its the first time I will have ever not been with one of my babies on their birthday....and it sucks..sorry no nice way to put it or candy-coat it. It totally sucks I hate it and I never want to not feel like this.. I never want to be "used" to not being with them on their special days and milestones...not what I had kids for... ok totally ranting here but I am keeping it real.
My third baby came into the world knowing her mind... out of all the girls by far she is the most determined, the most independent, the girl knows what she wants!! She didn't say much at first but when she did start talking it was in full sentences... this is SO like her...some things take her awhile to learn or retain but once she has it she is totally efficient and amazing at it.

She has a strong sense of injustice :) which put to the right purposes is an amazing gift!! in fact I wish I had her ability with words!

I learned so much going thru the parenting course with the Neufeld Institute and I know so much of the information I learned would have greatly helped me with my sensitive child... but better late then never! this amazingly gifted girl and I were butting heads a lot this past year...well before that actually... she has challenged my thinking and taught me SO much! then this past January there was a change.. a real change.. with the help I was getting and the steps I was taking to be more present she made a conscious decision to turn her behaviour around... no one coaxed her no one begged her or pleaded with her...she on her own in her own timing, which is just SO her, decided she was going to make an adjustment... the child is now getting straight A's!!! for the first time ever! her teachers have commented to me on the difference in her and it's like she has done a 360... the change at home and at school is undeniable. I have NO doubt in my mind that whatever this stunning beauty sets her mind too she will accomplish!

and she is a stunner!! she doesn't look 12 and I want to throw a bag over her head sometimes as I notice young men looking at her and I want to scream... SHE IS 12 

She is amazingly sensitive to me and my "moods" .. she reacts to what I am feeling even unspoken feelings.. like a little radar she is always picking up on my vibes! sometimes this is hard but I appreciate her and her passionate ways.

 She is the spark in our home ... she is a joy to watch on the soccer field (or in goal which is where she is 98% of the time).... she is one of the funniest people I know.... she has a huge heart for others.... she is witty..... she is a bit of a perfectionist with some things, like her hair, we are late for school a lot and she is usually the last one out the door! or her homework, which is why its handed in late sometimes cuz she obsesses over it being perfect.... she is amazingly talented at art, like crazy good, she can sing and dance, she is athletic and smart, she is sensitive and funny.... she is an amazing young lady and I am SO proud to be her mommy!!
Happy 12th Birthday Hailey


Anonymous said…
So sweet!
Shashers Life said…
she is amazingly beautiful and extremely whitty! happy birthday hailey bailey

love ya lots and lots


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