Road trip to Disney 2012

We finally left yesterday quite late in the afternoon... a little annoying for my girls that are NOT used to waiting so long to leave on a holiday.... me and my sis Shash are very used to it.... we never left on time for a holiday... my dad is famous for saying "it will only take 5 minutes" the problem is he has a million things on his list so they may take only 5 minutes but there are too many!! so on our way we went!

I was a bit of a mess....with swollen red puffy eyes and like 20 minutes of sleep the night before.... I ended up sleeping most of the way down.... there were times spent with each of the girls in the back of the RV that we all enjoyed even though I was pretty much a zombie. I cannot express HOW relieved I am that we decided to take just 1 RV instead of 2...which would have meant I would have been driving the entire time and I know that just would have been a bad bad idea.

Today we traveled a bit and shopped.... us girls can make a dent in an outlet mall let me tell you!! we are now equipped with a summer wardrobe and bathing suits and flip flops... I LOVE ROSS.....just saying!!! and we are now having to rearrange all our stuff as there are 7 of us in the RV and now a lot of bags to boot! Shopping is great therapy.... even still the girls were getting on me for a lack of interest I seemed to have... I did have interest just a deep quiet has taken over me and I can't seem to keep my eyes open for long. I am so glad that we are driving me some time to rest and regroup before we hit the happiest place on earth! we are also spending 2 days on the California Coast and a day in Hollywood.... we are all pretty excited and I know that I have to pull myself together in the next day or 2.

Tonight the girls swam and now we are watching movies in our room...snacking on crap from the vending machines...good girl bonding time :)

Tomorrow we hit Cali.... I am looking forward to it! we might meet up with the girls paternal grandad either on the way down or the way back and they are pretty excited about that as well....I know this trip is timely.... I didn't know just how timely!

My dear cousin sent me the link to this song.... I love it...have to share it! timely for me!!


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