Road trip 2012

What a trip!!! it feels like we have fit in SO much in such a little amount of time.... 2 days at Disneyland....2 days at Universal...a walk down to the Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood Blvd walk of fame...a drive through Beverly Hills...Santa Monica Pier including fabulous sunset....a little detour through the desert by accident :) and tonight a great visit with the girls paternal grandpa and grandma Debbie.... it was amazing!!! tomorrow we hope to hit the Redwood Forest before hitting the road hard to get home. We have seen so much and experienced so many things.... and have soooo many photos alas the hotel internet connections prevent me from posting any :(

a few highlights for me.... the California screamer!! and SOOOO glad that we went on first thing as later that day when we went to go on again it had broken down with people on it and they had to be unstrapped and walked off!! can we say scary?!?! I loved the Indiana Jones ride... I even got a personal commentator the first time we went on...he seemed harmless standing at the side of the ride wearing all denim and sporting a rough santa beard look...he even handed me my seat belt...he seemed like a quiet loner type...then the ride started and he narrated the entire ride and when I say the entire ride I mean the ENTIRE RIDE!! he knew what was coming before it happened and talked back to the voice on the " "we are all doomed doomed I say doomed" |I wont look into the eye I wont" " the spiders the spiders they are all over me" I kept looking over at him like is this a part of the ride? it was strange and it was clear that he is a regular to that ride!! when it was over he quietly exited and didn't say a word... it was a little like the twilight zone!! :) I also loved the Fly over California...what an experience and the fact that when you were "flying" over the orange groves you could smell them!! pretty fantastic!! then there was the fantasmic at the end of the evening at the river boat section....purely magical and amazing! For me this was the moment that I could feel caught up in the magic of Disneyland...I found I was super excited to see the characters and loved watching Faith take it all in...this was her first time and the other girls 2nd time to Disneyland. We all thought it was unbelievable and a total highlight for us.

At Universal I have to say that the Universal Tour was my see the back lots and props and then the new 360 3D King Kong ride that is part of the tour...AMAZING!!! you actually had  water spraying on your face when the dinosaurs roared.... I cant even describe it!! just soooooo worth seeing!! All the rides were so well done and the weather finally turned "normal" and we were soaking up the rays...maybe a little too much we have a bit of pink as well :)

Tonight we got to visit with the girls Paternal Grandpa R and Grandma was emotional and Foo's first time meeting them ever and way way too long for the others....they were so surprised to find little women standing in front of them and not little girls. It was a sweet time and it was good to see them and especially him looking well as he has had some health problems and just had surgery not so long ago.... we have made plans to go down in July... I had been planning on taking the girls somewhere in July for a week holiday and their acreage with horses and all sorts of wild animals and a lake for fishing and just family bonding time sounds perfect...there were a lot of tears was a really beautiful time.

Now we are in yet another hotel room and my girls are becoming hotel/motel experts...last night we stayed at a Motel 6 and yah that was quite the experience!! I should write a review!! I probably will!! after all I did work at a Days Inn so I do know some of which I speak! my baby is lightly snoring beside me and the others are dozing off...cept the teenager who is busy connecting with her bf on her laptop....if I hear "I miss my boyfriend" one more time I am going to barf :) hehe when I get back I will post some pictures.


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