pictures of Roadtrip to Disney 2012 part 2

the girls had such a great time going around and getting autographs from as many characters as they of Faiths favorite moments was when she saw Goofy and the lady told him it was her first time to Disneyland and he started to do a little dance for her...with her giggling the entire time :)

it was SO cold in San Jose but the girls went swimming outside anyways!! they are die hards!! my new camera that I got for a steal of a deal in Oregon captured Hailey jumping up and I am impressed with the camera so much!!!

getting some love on with my Hailey monster

my mom and my biggest baby in Disneyland....this baby is going to be 18 on Tuesday and that fact FREAKS me out!!!

since it has been 32 years since the last time I was in Disneyland I got in some of the pictures as well! :) everyone loves Pooh!

this is a picture from Fantasmic....seriously the best moment/memory at Disneyland was this show... it was when I finally felt the "magic of Disney" that everyone was telling me to enjoy... it was a hard time for me and I was battling a lot of emotions but watching this show I was able to feel that magic and was caught up in all of it and loved watching the girls faces as they so enjoyed it as well... I asked the girls their top moment/memory/experience on the trip and all 4 said Fantasmic! it really was magical!


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