Pictures of Roadtrip to Disney 2012 and a little hotel review

In total we stayed at 9 different hotel and motels!! we stayed 2 nights in San Jose at what was 2 of the girls favorite hotel of all...the Courtyard Marriott...this hotel was right across from the Great Mall and had been recently renovated... it was very nice and I have to say the best part was the staff..they were so friendly and helpful! the free breakfast that was included....most of the places we stayed at with the exception of 2.. had breakfast included and when there are 5 of us staying there that is a good deal!! This is also the place where we had to be told to be quiet..the walls were exceptionally thin even though my girls have no concept of inside voice they were not being that bad.. in my opinion those living with no children or a quiver full like myself might disagree :) ..... the food we were served for breakfast was really good!! it was the only place that offered breakfast that wasn't a "continental" or self served... it also had a great little lounge with private booths and a tv in each booth!! and again the service was exceptional! I totally recommend this hotel!

For the most part we stayed at Comfort Inns or Quality Inns... I have stayed at Comfort Inns before and have to say they are pretty consistent.. the free breakfast is decent and the place is clean and the beds at the Comfort Inn are pretty comfy!! the Quality Inn is almost as comfy but not quite... I also like how they keep the design pretty similar to each hotel... I know this is done on purpose to keep you feeling "home" wherever you happen to be.. I have to say it works! The coffee they leave in the rooms is great BUT the last couple of places it was so weak it wasn't drinkable!! It is great to know though that you can expect the same at every Comfort Inn you stay at and that is why I told my dad to get a membership there.... they are affordable, have free breakfast, free wifi and clean rooms and COMFY beds!!!

The first motel we stayed at was in Castlerock Washington... it was an oldie and smelled old...but it was clean and if not a little cold!! we got there so late at night that it didn't really matter.... it was the girls first time in a "motel" so they were nervous at first and Faith even made me check under the beds for monsters.... I played a little prank on her while doing so and while me and the other girls thought it was funny it back fired as it meant I got to sleep a couple of nights in a row with the little lady and sleep really isn't the word I would use to describe having to share a bed with her! the child doesn't just toss and turn she kicks elbows and punches!!! her body is built like her dads which means she has heavy bones!! a simple flop of the arm can leave you with a black eye! the motel told us they go and get fresh pastries from a local bakery each morning so the girls were excited about that but it turns out they were just donuts.. but it was our first night on our adventure and they were pretty excited.. us adults knew that would change when the amount of hours being spent in a moving vehicle was realized! :)

Simply the worst hotel was the Motel 6 we stayed in Red Bluff CA... the last time I stayed at a motel 6 was on our Band trip I did at WRCA in 1987.. I am pretty sure they are the same bedding and curtains from that time! :) the room had nothing but the 2 double beds...bathroom tv and hair dryer no shampoos..none of the little things that make your life easier when you are travelling... now I know its rates are less...but when you consider you can stay in some Comfort Inns for around $70/night and that INCLUDES breakfast!! and for $40 you get nothing..well it's not such a good deal! the beds were brutal the beds were RIGHT under the window..the place had a security guard which freaked me out as to WHY they needed one walking the grounds and the room had no A/C.. it actually felt like the place had no air moving at all...Em woke me up in the middle of the night saying mom I can't breath it's too hot.. it was muggy humid and stale...what a brutal night... we got dressed and got out of there as fast as we could!! McDonalds for breakfast it was :) made us feel a little better cuz that was gross...the walls were so dirty as made me a little queasy!

 Another favorite hotel we stayed at was the Beachcomber in Oregon.. this is an older hotel but the room was big and spacious and the beds were SOOOO comfy...Faith loved it the most cuz they had a DVD player and even free movie rentals in the lobby so the girls gave up indoor pool time to watch Baby Momma and Ratatouille.. Even Morgan liked this place the best... it also had breakfast included but the breakfast area was a bit of a hokey set up and by the time we got there there was not much left and what was there stale and a bit too messy to be fresh...even still the place had character, although you could see dust around the corners of the rooms showing they don't clean as well as the comfort inns...but we would stay there again! and it was beach side and thats a total bonus...and if it wasn't socked in raining that morning I would have taken myself for a little me time...there was none of that on this trip but then that wasn't the point!!


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