a little pep talk

I have so many things I want to say... I hope I can remember all the rides and experiences we are having! some interesting stories with interesting characters we are meeting here!!! but right now I am soooooo tired :) all the walking and carrying the stuff we have bought and then extra sweaters cuz although yesterday was way warmer and we all have a little sun kissed face, the sun goes down and whala it's cooooooold! :)

last night I had some pretty intense dreams..... I thinks dreams tell us things and sometimes they are messages...not always.... sometimes it just is the late night pizza talking :) but last night my dreams showed me 2 things..... 1 I have to let go....this is real....... 2 I have some anger towards some people that I also need to still work through and while I have felt I have been able to forgive some things if last nights dream was any indication.... I still have a ways to go... I don't want to carry that around anymore!

so I leave you with something everyone should watch.....Brene Brown talks are amazing!!! take the 20 minutes and watch the video.... if you let it it could even be life changing!! and isn't that what its all about? not being perfect...not having to have all your crap together first THEN you can have a great life....it's about the process and I say all this to myself...I don't say it because I have it all together, or is that apparent? :) , I give myself pep talks all the time cuz its what I know I need to hear. I have to be a cheerleader for myself...we all need to be that.... and I am wanting true change and true forgiveness to reign in my life and understanding ,myself is key to that process...and if you haven't figured it out yet..talking it out is a huge way for me to figure stuff out!! I am the youngest of 4... our house was filled with guests and other people almost always.....I had to be loud to be heard... I like to be heard.... I understand that for me and why I am the way I am.... I accept it! I am not ashamed of it.


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