Glad to go infomercial lala style

I was asked if I wanted to participate in trying out new Glad-to-go containers and as a family that seems to have an endless need for containers... well I jumped at it! First of all the girls LOVE getting packages in the mail and so they were all excited about what had come and they were thrilled to see the Glad-to-go containers!!

Like most schools now we have kids with peanut allergies and so in some of the classes kids are not allowed to have the "traditional" PBJ sandwiches that I was raised on... and I mean RAISED on :) I didn't know anyone with a peanut allergy when I was a kid...but that's a bunny trail.... so this means that we have to be a little creative as on top of the no Peanut Butter kids get bored with their lunches... so enter in creative containers....and that makes taking salads...which thankfully my girls LOVE... soooo much easier! I love the fact that I don't have another lid to lose! :) yup and due to the fact that I have a teeny tiny kitchen, I don't have a "Tupperware" drawer's all in a box in my garage!! so space is limited to say the least.. so I LOVE that there are no little lids to lose cuz lose them we will. Obviously I also love that my girls love salad and now they can take it and the salad dressing in 1 convenient package and it stays fresh!! PERFECT!!

We are thrilled with things that make our life easier and if you can imagine a single mom with 4 daughters the "easy" button is something I can only dream of owning :)

Me and my girls definitely recommend the Glad-to-go containers as a part of your Tupperware drawer!! I think these ones will definitely get used! and if you are like me you can't throw out your beloved Tupperware even though the lid was lost a long time ago and you have about 20 lids with no matching containers...but you keep them just in case.... or maybe that is just me?! :)


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