day 3 of Disney roadtrip 2012

I am not a big fan of motion sickness and the past 2 nights I feel like I am rocking like I have been on a ship!! I don't do that well....I am NOT whining or complaining....just stating a fact! I am not sure why I get such motion sickness....this is where Em gets it from....she doesn't do motion well either!! so having said that we are THRILLED to have 2 days off of driving and have settled into San Jose for the next 2 nights!

Tomorrow we are planning on going to the Winchester Mystery House.. we are all pretty excited about that!! and hitting up the Great Mall... hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can do a little pool side lounging at the hotel!! The RV is getting some work done so it's girls gone wild :) haha well not really but us girls can do some serious damage! :)

Today I have been feeling even more less like a zombie... I didn't get any complaints from the girls about zoning out or being  depressed today... I only napped a little on the drive and didn't have the feeling like I was lost inside myself.  I didn't have to fight to keep my eyes open and I felt more alert. The look on the girls faces yesterday as they tried to keep me engaged is not something I want to see again soon. I have to snap out of it.. ok I can NEVER say that or think that phrase without hearing Cher from Moonstruck...SNAP OUT OF IT... it's just how my brain works :) There was a lot more laughter today...this is a good thing.

My girls are my miracles... I fought really hard to have them and they are the reason I will go to the end of myself and back...I would do anything for them! I love being on this holiday with them...and my helps having a little adult conversation and when I needed to sleep the last few days they just took over and I knew the girls were in good hands.We are making great memories.


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