Valentines Day Fab 5 style

Valentines and me have never been best of buds.... I am not sure when it happened really but somewhere along the way I lost the magic of Valentines Day. I have always said I would rather have every day be one where you feel loved and can express your love....but I do love love and I don't want to get all ba humbugish and sound bitter :) I really am not bitter! So thinking forward about Valentines I thought I wanted to take the girls out for a nice dinner and celebrate them and in some way show them how in order to receive love you have to love yourself first....this is something I am in process's hard to do sometimes and although I struggle stumble and fall I am determined to learn what I can and be a better person.

At dinner I had everyone go around the table and say something that they loved about each other...just had to be 1 thing and everyone had to say something different about the repeats.... so amongst a TON of silliness which is SO my girls....they really are a funny crew! not surprising cuz their dad is probably the funniest person I have ever met...when we went around saying what we love about dad that was mine...he really is funny and I always have loved his sense of wit and humor... to hear what they loved about each other was really cute...again it was full of silly things and lots of giggling and a few thankful moments when I was glad the place was packed so we were not the center of attention....if you ever heard my laugh it can be quite loud!! so anyways I loved listening to them love on each other....notice things about each other that are some of my favorite qualities about them as well... then after we had gone around the circle I said ok I want you to say something that you love about always amazing how difficult that can be... 1 couldn't do it... 1 immediately had an answer.... and 2 were very silly about it until they finally admitted what they loved about themselves... it was a very interesting little circle chat and made me think about how incredible these girls are...the women they are becoming. I truly am blessed.

We know how to laugh together and I love that. We know how to be honest with each other and sometimes that is hard to swallow but I love their honesty.
When they said what they loved about me I had to swallow a few tears.... they said... "I love how you keep trying, even when it looks there is no way you just keep trying" , "I love how even though you work so hard you take us out and spend time with us", " I love how you cuddle me" and " I love how you try over and over to make things work for all of us" pretty great message and one of my biggest complaints is that I feel like I work so hard and get no respect, to hear them say that they love my efforts and my willingness to keep going and feel that I am doing things for them... it was like a 500 pound weight came off me.

I loved our evening out! I love my girls! I love loving them and being loved by them!
Happy Valentines Day!


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