I look to You

My sister sent this link to me the other day... I have been listening to it over and over... I love it.

I Look to You by Whitney Houston.... an amazing talented lady who had such an amazing God given gift, who struggled with addictions and who knows what else and to what depths, that ended her life so tragically short.

In all this craziness I don't have any options left but to Look upward. Thank you all again for the flow of amazing love and support... I have been totally blown away and blessed by the kind and encouraging words.

ps..... you can see this is still public ... after consulting some professionals I know I have not been slanderous and/or attacking... and while I know I am being followed by those that would tear down and not build up...... I am choosing to walk with my head up.... and going to try to live by the words of the song.

oh and I received a box today from Glad to go.....free Glad products for me and the girls to try in lu of writing a blog post review on it.... I love free!! and of course I think its a great exchange for some products that I know me and the girls will use!!! sp stay tuned for that in the near future.


Anonymous said…
Awesome! :)
Shasher's Life said…
YAY! I'm glad you're not closing your blog!!
Lisa said…
Me too!

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