keeping it all together....the fab 5

When I look back at almost 18 years ago when I first became a mom I knew that time would fly but I really had NO idea. In March my oldest baby will be June she will graduate high school....and she is already making plans to stretch her wings and fly.... I am filled with emotions about that.
 I so want her to live a full well lived life with what she wants to do and I so want to roll her in bubble wrap and hold her hand as she crosses the street. I have talked to her about travelling...see the world... go on a missions trip.... before she goes back to school and tries to figure out her some! I know that all do not agree with that and really I don't care... I want my girls to live some... I want them to experience what the world has to go on a missions trip to a 3rd world country and gain some perspective... not live my life but be able to figure it out and know themselves... you can always go back to school! I have a few family members that have gone back to school in their 40's and 60's even!! I don't feel you have to have it all figured out by the tender and confusing age of 18!!
 Presently she is of the mind to move out as soon as she can....aiming for the end of the summer.....yikes! so don't know how to feel about it but I guess I can't very well tell her LIVE and then NO DON'T..... yah doesn't really work that way! so I try to give her reality checks...try to suggest my thoughts...hehe...doesn't work too well :) ...try to say ok do what you want and fearing the worse for her...but I have to trust that along the way I have taught her how to fail safely and she will keep getting up on her feet. I worry I fret I stress about it all. I desperately want to keep the Fab 5 safe under my wings of protection...but I know the time is soon approaching where I have to let her try out her own wings.
Meanwhile I will try to keep us together as much as humanly possible and with an all female household...well thats challenging to say the least! sisters are a very complex relationship! I know we won't all be together under the same roof forever and this leaves me with questions about where I will be when they are all gone flying on their own?! but thats a long time off yet....but I know just how fast that time goes!!!


Shash said…
she can join up with one of the mission's trips we do each summer.

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