Happy Birthday to my Em

I guess the day is officially over and it is not her birthday anymore...with a house FULL of 12 and 13 year olds I am thinking tonight is going to be a LONG night and instead of lying in bed trying to sleep and getting annoyed I figured now would be a good time to pound out an "ode to Emily" post ! so here it goes...exhausted and a kinked neck so bare with me :)

 My Emily was born after a string of miscarriages and a terrible infection that almost ended any of the little hope that I had left that I would have another baby. 3 years of miscarriages a ton of heart ache and loss and the overwhelming cementing that I WAS a failure as a woman a wife ( now that sadly continues ) and a mother. My body was literally killing the babies with tons of tiny clots that cut off the life support system. We had all but given up...told by my dr to let it be....went off to see if we could repair our marriage that was suffering under the loss ( seems we didn't quite repair it after all ) and low and behold we were expecting an unexpected miracle. The day Emily was born I can say without a shadow of doubt brought a lot of healing to her dad and myself. To find out soon after that she had an under developed trachea was unnerving and we were not out of the stress free zone yet but we were healing with her very presence.
Em had colic....not as bad as her big sister but she was fussy and her dad had to put her in her car seat and swing her back and forth to get her to settle down...thankfully her daddy is big and strong! She HATED car rides...when she was old enough to communicate we discovered that she had terrible car sickness and as an infant just screamed when we were in the car....yeah NOT so fun!!

Emily became a big sister at the tender age of 15 months old...can't say she was too happy about that and left a few marks and scratches on her little baby sisters face to let us all know how she was feeling! She had a texture issue which she has thankfully outgrown unlike her youngest baby sister! and if her socks were not perfectly lined up across her toes she would do a hibby jibby dance and scream and cry "my toes are fuzzy my toes are fuzzy"...thankfully she outgrew that! at least she learned to put her socks on herself the way she liked them!

She has always been an amazing student at school. All her teachers call her a rockstar! she organizes other kids desks as she cannot stand looking at the chaos... I honestly DO NOT know how she functions so well in our family!! her side of the room is always clean and organized...she knows where all her things are all the time...her homework is always neat and complete and handed in on time...I have woken up on a Sat morning to her sitting at the table doing her homework...committed diligent and responsible describe her to the core. It is no wonder that she wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

 Some women are just born to be mothers.... I have always thought I was one as I only ever wanted to be a mom...I mean I wanted to be other things but a mom was the most important.. my Em is the same way. from a very young age she loved babies...she knew instinctly how to hold them and how to care for them. She is an amazing babysitter and such a great natural momma to her little cousins and any baby she comes in contact with. I know that I know this young woman is going to grow up to be an incredible momma!
 She has compassion and grace...I have watched her tuck her younger sisters in at night when they are already asleep and kiss them gently on their cheeks. I have heard her cry over her relationships with her sisters as she loves them so intensely and sister relationships at this age are far from easy. I have watched her give to others selflessly. I have seen her grow into an amazing teenager with a determination and a heart full of love that blesses me through and through.
My miracle baby continues to amaze me and bless me and as our relationship grows I am so extremely proud of who she is becoming. Strong and Beautiful on the inside and out....this girl, my Emily, is simply breathtaking.

Happy Birthday 13th baby girl


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