Falling Together

I have had a few pretty brutal "anonymous" comments... I know where they are coming from..or I should say WHO they are coming from... I was going to at first defend myself...then I was going to "expose" myself... and I have sat on it for a while...talked to a few people that I trust including my counselor and I have decided to just let it go. I do not believe that either confronting it..more than this is!..or exposing my past in an attempt to stop what I can call nothing less than extortion...will stop those that chose to throw stones.. the simple fact is that anyone who wants to throw stones at me....will!!! no matter what I do or say.

So I chose to move on as I have been this past year...forward and onward I go, no looking back just forward.

This past month has been wonderful and terribly chaotic all at once! isn't that life though?! :)

I am learning with some assistance to stop my mind from jumping to the negative first and to stop and take the time to look at the big picture. It's amazing to me how quickly the negative thoughts come! I am choosing to change this and instead of looking at things as falling "apart" they are really in truth.... falling "together"!!! There are growing pains in growth!

I am entering my busiest Season of the year at work and while that is daunting and can be extremely overwhelming there is a certain calmness that has entered my heart and that feels SO amazing. Christmas is my favorite time of year. Time for reflection and spending quality time with friends family and loved ones. I am looking forward to the down time after the crazy work schedule and just being with my loved ones.

Surrounding yourself with love is the only way to live.

So there have been some new developments with the girls and when I actually find a moment I will blog about that... raising 4 girls on my own is definitely challenging to say the least but with the assistance I am receiving I am confident that we are well on our way to a peaceful and happy love filled life.


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