Happy Birthday Momma

I am not sure if you are all aware of this or not but I simply have THE BEST MOMMA in the whole wide world! I love my momma!

We have always been really close....I am the youngest of 4 girls and so I got alone time with my mom while the rest of the girls were off at school. I have so many memories of just the 2 of us that I know the others didn't get to experience. We went shopping, got groceries! I sometimes was able to talk to her into buying me a Sesame Street Magazine! ( I am sure there was a lot of begging and whining involved and not so much talking!! ) We would go to the little coffee shop, I remember it being dark and smokey, and we would order a sausage roll and a little bottle of pear nectar in the Lynn Valley Mall. We would go to Auntie Audrey's for her to get her hair cut...mine too from time to time... and I would get all set up at a little table in her kitchen and have a little mini tea cup with tea and cookies...ok why are most of my memories tied to food?!?! :) My other favorite place to go was the Bay cafeteria at the Capilano Mall... I would get jello! again with the food! but it was just the 2 of us and I loved every minute of it...... oh I also remember going to the fabric store with her... I LOVED the fabric store..hiding under bolts of fabric and playing in the kids corner with the broken dirty toys! We went everywhere together.

I loved to "help" her cook. I loved to "help" her sew. I loved to put on her clothes and jewellery and makeup! even though me and my sister wrecked her wedding dress playing dress up :(

I love her laugh. I love the way she sighs after she laughs. I love the way she loves and cries with me and makes me FEEL so unconditionally loved. I realize what a treasure this is. She is a treasure. She is a gift to me and taught me so very much. She listened and let me pour out feelings to the degree that it kept me from doing a lot of bad things as a teenager cuz I knew I would just tell on myself! I did that a lot! so her tactics worked!! I am hoping to have instilled the same thing in my 4 girls.

She was there when I gave birth to all 4 of my daughters and besides their dad was the first person to whisper love into their ears and souls... I LOVE that!

Her influence in my life is endless. Her influence in my daughters lives is endless. Her influence in pretty much every one she comes in contact with... is endless.

She is an amazing woman, mother, sister, daughter, wife, grandmother, great-grandmother and friend.

I am blessed to call her momma and friend!

Love you momma.... Happy Birthday!!


Shash said…
lovely post La! now I have got to get busy to write one too.... lol :)


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