stuck on my babies

I started a post tonight and I am not sure why but it`s just not flowing. Usually when I have the urge to purge :) I have no troubles letting my thoughts and feelings flow to the keyboard...but tonight I got stuck time and time again. I don`t know if it`s just due to it being a vulnerable thing or it is just way too personal and I am a little hesitant to post it for the world...or all of my 28 followers :) or my facebook page and whoever else reads the little ramblings I so erratically post!! I really don`t have a clue! I do know that my question mark key is not working and that is sort of irking me right about now! oh well....

ugh ....I am  stuck again...

I wanted to post about the walking out the change in reality with a house full of estrogen and NO testosterone to help bring balance to us crazy emotional gals! but like I said it was just NOT flowing... interesting! It is harder to walk out change in reality then it is when you are tucked away giving yourself the desperately needed self alone time! much harder.

I am pretty sure that some changes that I am wanting to implement at home are going to be faced with opposition...change usually is! I did propose to the girls as I took them out to Boston Pizza last night, our go to place when we cheat on the family restaurant, that we attend a church not too far away from here on Saturday nights as Sunday mornings are full of`s in full bloom and I am happy to report that both girls teams won on Sunday!... and since they are on 2 different teams it really does mean Sunday = soccer...and then add to that that I work most Sunday nights and going to church isn`t really going to happen...not to make going a reality I thought we could go Sat nights...I TOTALLY thought this would be met with tons of whining and complaining from all 4 of them...and not 1 did..they are all for it... I was a little surprised, pleasantly surprised and glad. So that is the plan... still a planner and I love it when a plan comes together, this is where you picture me rubbing my hands together throwing my head back and letting out a crazy laugh...or not :) It was pretty cute at dinner last night actually, they were all talking over top of each other, which is not really unusual at all when I stop to think about it, vying for my attention to tell me all about their weekend without me. They all emphatically exclaimed they DO NOT like me going away....but they were so glad for me that I was able to do so and that I had a great time. It was a real sweet time together..our server commented to me , wow, those are ALL your girls....I would put a question mark but it`s still not working!!... and then she followed it by...they all really love you, you can tell. I beamed. They do love me and I love them right back and then some.

I might get stuck sometimes, things might not flow the way I intend, I may stutter and be lost for the right word or action...sometimes the keys might not work :) ...I will struggle with some of the changes and I will screw up from time to time... and yet I know that I am surrounded by 4 amazing girls...who also can drive me up the wall in an instant :) ..... I love my babies and I know that I know they love me as well.

 I am a blessed momma. *** ok this is having a hard time publishing is it a full moon? oh NOW the question mark works!!! ***


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