Happy Birthday BIG sis :)

 Today is my much much older sister Shash...birthday :)
 She loves to bug me! as kids she would hide and scare me cuz she thought it was soooooo funny to hear me scream...and scream I did! followed by getting the hiccups!
 people say we have the same smile.... we also have the same love for large sunglasses! and getting our pictures taken! this can be attributed by our dad who pretty much had a camera attached to his hand our entire childhood!
Shannon and I grew up the best of friends... well at least I figured we were best friends as I remember wanting to be in her presence ALL the time... I mean ALL the time! being the youngest in a very large crazy family I had to be where the action was all the time... Shannon preferred some solitude and liked hiding away..my parents would find her sleeping under her crib with her string of "gullies..aka soothers" very often. When we were little I just wanted to be as cool as she was...she has always been cool...it just honestly comes naturally. She was naturally confident as well, I always envied that. She could walk in a room and just be there...where I was feeling nervous and shy...ok maybe shy isn't the right word :) but definitely self-conscious. She has always had the ability to smile with her eyes...before the term smizing was ever coined by Tyra Banks, Shannon was doing it. I don't think I have ever met anyone who's eyes smile as quick as hers do...before it even reaches her mouth her eyes are smiling at you. It's pretty amazing.

We had a lot of adventures together as kids, always outside - helping each other find the best "leaf" cuz neither wanted to actually go home to use the bathroom :) , sneaking watching cartoons together Saturday morning..pointing out the squeaky spots to each other as we crept down the stairs.....ganging up on our babysitters to get them to let us stay up extra late then helping each other creep to bed as fast as our knees could take us under the windows so mom and dad wouldn't see us bolting to bed....the fact that we popped up in the middle of the window to see if they were still outside and it was indeed them and not one of our teenage sisters didn't cross our minds as not such a bright idea..we were always caught but both being strong-willed it didn't stop us from trying it again and again :) We were baking partners...making our unique versions of ketchup/mustard cookies and well whatever we could come up with. She is a great cook to this day but I might smell her cookies before eating them :) We were usually always at the church, at least it felt that way to us, one time when our mom was in a Bible Study and Shannon and I were left to our own vises in a great big empty church we decided to explore a new exciting territory...the underside of the pews in the sanctuary....there we found a childs dream.... well our dream at any rate.... piles and piles of gum!! it didn't matter to us that it was ABC gum... we figured we hit the jackpot...we lied on our backs and began picking the said gum off the pews...pulling ourselves up pew by pew on our backs picking and chewing...we couldn't believe the gold mine we had just found. When our mother came out of the meeting she quickly exlaimed where we had gotten all the gum from ... our mother was a health nut and sugar was a huge no no... we told her our good fortune of finding all the gum stuck underneath the pews and when we saw her jaw drop, Shannon and I being the partners in crime we were, simply looked at each other shrugged our shoulders and said together "it's ok mom we prayed over it first"... we literally had!!

Teenagers was a hard time for us as sisters.... not sure how it is for other sisters as I can only relate to our experience but this is when our yin and yang didn't compliment as well as it did when we were little. She liked her privacy and I liked to know whatever it is she was trying to keep private. Being the youngest a closed door is not a good thing and only now as a single mom do I GET the love of a closed door and some alone time :).. back then ... not so much! She was so super cool and it just seemed that everything came so easy for her... this was my perspective, I know now it wasn't. We still had fun together hanging upside down on the zip line our dad built for us and swimming in our green frog filled pool...we both rode horses...snuck over to our neighbors in the wee hours of the night together...read comic books in the barn for HOURS together. It's not that we were not still close...but our different personalities just became ..... more vast.

Over the years and age came wisdom and thankfully growing up. Our dreams of marrying the good ole boys and living on a farm with Daisy for a friend were over and we were living our big grown up lives. Her moving to Ontario was really hard for me. It felt like we were finally truly friends again after the teenage angst wore off and now she was moving across the Country. That is still hard. Our kids are close in age and growing up apart...something I never dreamt would happen.

We still are very much yin and yang...quite different personalities and we don't always see eye to eye....and both being vocal we know when that is :) In so many ways I still look up to her and I know she feels protective of me... our roles as big and little sister are cemented into who we are. We fight, we laugh, we bug, we tease, we laugh again, we cry, we love, we live forever as sisters! I wouldn't change a thing!

Happy Birthday shasher shash shash... I love you!!


Tanya said…
Laughed out loud at the gum!

This is a great tribute to both of you!
B said…
You are blessed to have each other!

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