summer wrap up

 This summer has literally flown by! I seriously can hardly believe that in just over a week the girls return to school...the crazy morning routine resumes..Lord help me! starts....and my oldest starts her LAST year of high school!! LAST people....yikes! I think I blinked and here I am! I had wanted to do a post on reviewing this last year of school so I could remember it for the girls...and I don't remember it! it might have to do with a teeny bit of a stressful year! it seems a lot has been shoved out of my brain this year.

So I will reflect on this summer instead!

The girls and I ... considering everything... have had a great summer! we glamped :) we fished...we went for picnics, we went to the water slides 2x...we are going to go to the PNE and bike around the seawall.. I still have a week left and being optimistic that I can make it happen! we went to countless movies...stayed up WAY too late...went for walks, went to the beach...watched them pier jump.... it was a great great summer. I think we did more things together this summer than we have in a very long time.

We still are having our challenges as we adapt to being the fab 5...lots of pushing, resisting, and growing has happened... a lot more will happen I am sure... the crazy thing with parenting is you are never really "done" :) We are learning... and I say that mildly at treat each other with respect and voice our feelings in a respectful way, some are faster learners than others! but we will get there.. of this I am confident. I had lots of heart to hearts with the girls. Lots of screaming and crying matches as times I was sure that in their opinion if I googled my name it would come up with "worlds WORST mother EVER!" .... but I mostly took that that somehow in this crazy life I am doing my job! more or less... I am still learning as well. There really is no rule book that comes with this life...well besides the greatest Book ever written! and I know there are several books written on what we are going thru to varied degrees...but there is no manual written specifically for me and my personality and my very different from each other 4 daughters, well I guess you could say we are writing it as we go.

Heading into this school year I have the same hopes and dreams that I have for my girls every year...that they will be the best THEM they can be. That they will be true to themselves, respectful to others and treat others the way they themselves wish to be treated. I wish for them to get teachers that understand them and help them to grow in knowledge. I wish for them friends that encourage and add to their amazing personalities. I wish for them peace within themselves that life is a roller coaster but if we stay together and love and support each other we will get through it... together.

I hope my oldest gets all her credits and can get thru this year with as much ease as possible!  that she can get her L!! another driver in the house would be soooo fantastic! that she will find her place in this world. I wish for my 2nd daughter as she starts and finishes her last year of elementary school, a year full of amazing memories and achievements..that she will look back at this year as a great fun year....ready for her new journey in high school next year. I wish for my 3rd daughter great consistent friends that understand her and compliment her. I wish for her to not struggle this year with organizational issues and anxiety and achieve all she can achieve with spunk and pizazz that is so her! I wish for my youngest daughter answers on the learning challenges that we know she has. I wish for growth for her in her basic learning that she needs to learn as she moves up in her education. I wish for great teachers that can teach her.
I hope wish and pray that this year will bring us peace and joy...friends and memories of the fab 5 bonding and learning and growing. I hope pray and wish that we learn to forgive ourselves forgive others and walk in an attitude of grace...grace for ourselves and grace for others.... that we encourage each other through our challenges and cheer each other on during our achievements and support each other through our weaknesses.


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