a little more than I bargained for

We spent Friday at Cannon Beach again....the 3 older girls went exploring so faith and I went for lunch together and did a little shopping...we had great one on one time together and with a family of 4 daughters that doesn't happen as much as we would all like it to. The girls came back raving about how much fun they had...they climbed a huge rock saw lots of crabs, starfish, sea urchins....they said it was the high light of their trip....so we headed back to camp....and were not expecting what we found! another RV in our spot...we had left our chairs and towel rack and stuff in our camp site...it was all gone and the shock I felt to see someone set up was strange....like real surreal... so I quickly went to the office asked what the H was going on...they looked up in their system and said well you were checked out today..... I was like WHAT?! big mistake here I was booked till Saturday...they said nope and we are completely full....like totally full and there is nothing we can do.... I could hardly believe it... it was after 7pm I was tired from the week and had no where to go and for the first time in the entire little adventure I felt extremely vulnerable. Not knowing the town not knowing really where to go or what to do... I was completely unnerved. There were 3 major things happening in the surrounding area as well so there were NO available sites left..not on a Friday night on the Oregon Coast!! the KOA did try to call 1 place but got an answering machine... I can't believe with ALL their green space and parking space they didn't offer to let us stay the night unplugged!! but nope they just said we are sorry we don't know how this happened but there is nothing we can do!!

I unraveled a bit... I cried.... I had 4 girls with me and no where to go... ugh... one of the KOA volunteers felt badly for me and told me I could go dry camp at his Catholic Church... he was very kind....they brought me my things that they had cleaned up to let the other people on to the site....and sent me on my way...dusk was coming and so I called my dad...cried some more.... and headed North...

I found a little sketchy RV place on the side of the Hwy just not too far from Long Beach.....the office was closed but no sooner did I crawl out of the RV did the owner of the park pull in behind me...I explained our predicament and he made a spot for me so I could stay the night! I was soooooo relieved! he was very kind...the girls were totally scared at this point...my crying probably didn't help them at all! but I had totally calmed down and was back in the drivers seat of control! I made hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches on the last dregs of propane I had left and we settled in for the night.. I slept in the fold down bed by the door and let the girls sleep in the back as they were a little too scared for our normal sleeping arrangements. The owner came back round and told us about the meteor shower that was going to happen that night so we set the alarm to wake up to watch it.... which went off at 2:45am and NO one heard it but me... I even shook the girls and they snored and rolled over! I looked out the window but it was too cloudy to see anything so I quickly went back to sleep... with a metal bar in my ribs.. ( I think they are actually bruised as I could barely sleep last night cuz they are so sore...that or my age is showing ! ) .... I woke up at 10! crazy late and we slowly got packed up...and headed into Long beach...

These girls loved to stay up WAY late which meant they slept WAY in and had a hard time getting going in the morning.... so it was noon by the time we got on the hwy looking for a place for breakfast!

Long beach is amazing and I definitely would like to go back and spend some more time there.... we got out and did the Go-Carts...something I haven't done in years and years and it was the girls first time...Faith hated it! she cried I am scared the whole time and the attendant had to pull her in early! oh well speed is not for everyone! :) Hailey on the other hand was a natural speed master and passed pretty much everybody with total confidence and ease... Emily and her friend drove cautiously but with huge smiles on their faces! I definitely drove like a mom!! haha cautious on the corners but gradually got faster and faster! It was so much fun.

Then I continued on North....totally unaware that North on the 103 is a dead end! so we had a nice almost 2 hour diversion of seeing the coast line and then turning around and heading back so I could connect on the 101! oops! this put us arriving way later at the outlet strip malls and the girls were not so happy that our sightseeing was cutting into precious shopping time!

We arrived at the outlet with 1 hour to spare...they didn't end up finding anything but I got a couple of great dresses! Then we headed over to wallmart to pick something up for my mom and then finally at 10:45pm we headed home... I drank the biggest iced coffee McDonalds has....and was wide awake for the last stretch home... we arrived home at midnight...unpacked as much of the RV as we could and called it a night...at 1:30 am... and I hardly slept a wink I had so much caffeine in my system and honestly my body doth protest the hours of driving and week of RV living! :)

All in all it was a completely fantastic week... I had great times with the girls.. a little alone time here and there, some time to actually think about things I needed to think about.... some great purchases....and a huge confidence boost that I can do things I never dreamed I could do...even when things don't go to plan and were a little more than I bargained for... I pulled it off! :) the girls are asking if we are going to go again next year...and in kid language that says a lot!

(pics to come soon)


rena said…
Glad you got to experience that Lise. It takes courage and the guts to get out of a comfort zone and go on an adventure. What say you to Africa next year with me and Jim?

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