a little adventure

This summer I have decided to make the most of the little time that I seem to have these days... I have taken my kids ...well which ones were available since their social lives are extremely busy!.... camping a few times. I learned how to operate and drive my parents 1977 GMC motorhome!! who knew?! I am learning ALL sorts of things about myself and stretching myself these days :) Knowing what is coming work wise this fall and soccer soccer and more soccer I realized that this week was pretty much the only week that would be available for me to take the kids on a trip trip.. like a week holiday... I can't tell you how little actual vacation time me and the kids have had...it's sad and it's changed now!

So pretty much last minute I packed the girls up....minus the oldest as she couldn't get out of her work schedule...at 17 I think family vacation time is pretty much going to be a rarity and definitely something worth fighting for!.... and plus 1 extra... Em has a friend along.... and after my 20th High School Reunion!! good LORD I cannot believe it's been 20 years!! it was so much fun after my nerves settled down and seeing so many people I haven't seen in 20 years! wow!! have to say most haven't changed that much! ...........I stopped in Birch Bay and visited another friend I haven't seen in like.....10 years or so! had a great catch up session Ocean side :) and then drove off heading South on the I5.

The original plan was to stay somewhere in South Washington and then head into Oregon this morning some time but being the new spontaneous person I am....that or the fact that by the time I started looking for a place to stay all I could find was open spots highway side and grungy scary little towns that reminded the girls of some of the stupid scary movies they watched and I figured it wouldn't be much of a rest! and I MAY have gone down a narrow windy road looking for a campground that was posted on the hwy that must be a gazillion years old cuz I couldn't find it...that and I really don't have a clue how far 2 miles is :)

oops just spilled coffee on my laptop :( dang

so needless to say I am a pro at turning the RV around on dark narrow windy roads!! a real PRO!!! After our little heading into" the hills have eyes" movie set I decided to just keep going and head to the KOA we were booked for ...for Monday! hoping they would still be open, even though I called my dad and he said they wouldn't be!...if they weren't we were just going to... I had NO idea what we were actually going to do!! I just knew that's where I wanted to be! a little determination goes a long way!

We arrived at the KOA...cannot believe I found it and sad to missed the Ocean view driving on the Oregon Coast! at 10:55 pm.... the office was STILL open!! it closes at 11pm! I just made it! they had a spot for me after all and I once again swung the 26' beauty wagon into place! hooked it all up with the help of my efficient 12 year old....and we settled in for the night. Well I settled in, the girls slept a lot on the way down and so they were wide awake for awhile playing cards and drawing pictures...needless to say it's 10:40 am I am sitting in the Internet cafe at the KOA and the girls are all still sleeping in the RV! It's a perfect morning :)

Even though I am "camping" which my sister Shash taught me is actually "glamping" in our world...glamorous camping!... cuz I am a princess even though I got my fishing licence and have taken the girls fishing and am now a PRO at untangling lines and putting hooks on their lines :) I still will not touch the worms though :) ... I like "glamping" in RV resort type places with showers and pools and activities for the kids!! this place is amazing! free all you can eat pancakes which we might not get a chance to enjoy with the girls sleeping habits (it's from 7-9am only) and the indoor pool, playground...outdoor nightly movies...games...and right across the street from a state park! they also have bike rentals so I will be renting bikes and we will go for a little ride.

One day this week I am going to unplug "retro beauty" (I have to name that RV!) and head further down the Oregon coast and explore with the girls.

Never in a million years did I think one day I would be driving an RV by myself however many miles away from home I am!!! a little adventure does wonder for the soul :)


rena said…
Cool. Are you on the actual coast yet, and is it foggy? We went down there last August and it was so foggy we ended up heading inland to Wenatchee. Jim and I are heading down to the Columbia Gorge area at the end of the month for a week of camping and golf..looking forward to it. Have fun and enjoy the rest of your trip

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