keeping it a little more private

I have decided to keep the on-line journal I have been doing on this blog a lot more private..... Part of my discovery is that I am open...  which isn't a bad thing but I think I am TOO open :) I am learning... I am in process... I have discovered it's life long :) but I will keep going day by day and when I have to minute by minute.... for those of you that are going thru the same thing as me or know me and would like to follow my self-discovery please email me. I will be deleting the posts about my separation.  This blog was created over 6 years ago for entirely different purposes and as my life changed and then flipped upside down my blog morphed as well. I don't want to delete this blog as there are so many things on here I don't want to lose.


Rayanne said…
Lise...I would love to still follow your blog...that way I know how I can best be praying for you. You are a woman of fortitude & I know that because you are a woman after God's own heart...His child. I can be emailed at With love & respect, Rayanne

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