Glamping in my Retro Beauty

 I kind of thought I was a pro with the RV on my way down here well now I KNOW I am !! haha after going down narrow streets, turning this bad girl around in tight spaces, and unpluging and pluging it in... I am officially comfortable with the RV! It isn't always easy to find parking spaces but I do....and I even backed into them!! I am that good lol!

Yesterday was a total crash day... I was wiped! like zombie kind of wiped! the last couple of weeks I have been going pretty steady and then top it off with the reunion like I mentioned last post and then the drive and I was bushwacked!

We slept in this morning until 11am!! yup even me! well I woke up earlier for a bit but then went back to was pretty awesome!

This afternoon we unpluged Retro Beauty and headed into Seaside Oregon.... I have never been here and had no idea what to expect......wasn't really expecting what we found! the beach was amazing...the sand was sooooooo soft and glittered like it had diamonds in it... we walked out and kept commenting like it was like Mexico sand almost and then we touched the water and wowsers was it cold!! brrrr cold!! some crazy people were out playing in the waves but most people were standing along the shore. I don't think I have ever seen SO many volleyball nets in  my life! We wish we had had a volleyball with us to time!

The little street itself...or the main drag down to the beach was interesting....strange little stores most of which smelled really really badly....and about 4 candy shops! 4!!! we had never seen 4 candy shops in such a small area before! then there was the carousel...with an actual carousel he middle of a little building with small stall like shops around it...kind of strange...felt a bit hokey...ok it felt a LOT hokey and we noticed the prices were quite expensive...even without the sales tax! we also stumbled upon 2 bumper car places....inside stores...again strange but ok ...and a tilt-a-whirl...inside a we were like mmmmmm quaint little seaside town with a lot of candy stores and then amusement rides inside stores.....ok! so that was our impression of Seaside... a little different but we had fun exploring and saying no to the insistant sales lady who really really wanted me to come to the 1 hour resort presentation... I said no so many times it was a little nuts!!

We found a little outlet mall...did a little some great deals for the girls for back to school....had a burger......did a little more some more groceries....and I found our way back to our RV park where I backed Retro Beauty into place with ease!

This is a great holiday and we are having so much fun glamping!


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