Cannon Beach

Today we went on a little adventure into Cannon Beach... I was initially told that it was a 2 hour drive from where we are staying but it is only about 45 min. As soon as we drove into the town we knew it was totally different from Seaside.... a lot and we knew we would like this town.

I parked in the RV that they have designated RV parking! so sweet!! and we started exploring the town....great little gallery's ... little dress shops and all of it felt so quaint and we couldn't help but feel like we were in a great little sea-side town....I bought some art which I LOVE I couldn't help but stare at it and can't wait to see it  hanging on my walls at home! totally inspiring art and very feminine! I love love love it.. I will have to take pics of it and post when I get home... I forgot my camera to computer cord at home.

Then we had some lunch at which Faith exclaimed over and over that it was the BEST burger she EVER had...Em exclaimed it was the best BLT she ever had.....Foo said uh oh momma you got some competition....she doesn't really get that the difference between our restaurant at home and Cannon Beach Oregon is far enough for me to not be worried :) I had a chicken taco salad and was a little surprised when they put a ceramic Mexican hat in front of me! a little LARGE and yah well I wasn't prepared for it! it was kind of funny...but it was tasty especially the stuffed deep fried pepper!! it was delicious!

We got changed into our swim suits and braved the incredible wind and the girls were off chasing waves and seagulls...they had a total blast in the waves and said they were knocking them right off their feet they were so powerful. It was a little chilly with the wind but they had such a great time that they asked if we could go back that is exactly what we are going to do! hang out at the lap cell phone (it's actually been off the whole time cept for once a day I check for messages ...this was a request from the girls that I be more present with them and not constantly on my phone) ... no nothing but me the girls and my book...which is actually not a good book and tomorrow I have to go buy myself another book cuz I finished the other one that I brought with me! I am hoping to find the book "the help" I have heard it's great and I can't wait to read it before the movie comes out.

Overall this is a great holiday... a few fighting moments between the be expected... a few talking back moments from the girls to me....kind of brutal at times but much better than what it has been lately... and a few moments of me totally wishing I had some adult company to converse with....but it's been great and I am sooooo happy that we did this! it's a great week full of memories! pics will be posted when I get home!


cara said…
You are in my neck of the woods! I grew up going to the coast every summer. Cannon Beach is waaaay better than Seaside. We usually avoided Seaside. I'm jealous - I was hoping to go to the Coast one last time before we move back to Corsica, but it will have to wait until next summer. So glad you are having a great time - you guys deserve it! Looking forward to seeing your pictures and the art you bought! (ps -when I get settled back in , I'm going to start blogging again. It seems like ages ago when we were "blogging buddies". :)

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