putting it all into perspective

I think one of the biggest things we struggle with in life ... or at least I do! ... is a sense of what is fair and not fair. The saying that life is not fair...well...what is fair? who says what is fair or not fair? We all have crap...we all have issues... one of the things I said to my counselor was " I just don't want to be broken anymore " .... he said to me "Lise, everyone is broken! there is not one of us out there that is not broken in one area or another" ... oh yah another reality check! I am not alone, broken, in this world. As I think about my friends and family around me I can see that everyone has struggles and challenges in their lives. What is fair?

Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of my best friends oldest daughter being diagnosed with Leukemia ... I remember having just arrived in Hawaii when we got the confirmation. The unfairness of it was overwhelming. Not that long before another of my childhoods friend husband died of a very rare form of cancer... it all just seemed a little surreal.

Geli is an amazing girl who's strength is beautiful, her confidence is beautiful and she IS beautiful. Her mother and my dear friend, is amazing! She who has hurt so much..... cuz really I can thinking of nothing worse than to have your child so very sick... has given so much of herself to me in my times of struggle. They are all selfless and giving and full of unconditional love. Their inner strength, resolve and faith has been such a testimony.

Geli has designed some t-shirts and is selling them to raise money for an upcoming trip she is going on to New York City...you can read their blog for more info.... I can't wait to get mine!! the saying on the t-shirt is "confidence is beautiful" and how right that is!

So in a time of my biggest life struggles when I think of what my close friends have been going thru.. and now another family of member of mine has been diagnosed with cancer.. it kind of just puts all sorts of issues into perspective!!


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