a new obsession

I have a new obsession!! shoes!! well I can't say it's new but lately I have been allowing myself to divulge!! today I bought a pair of cute black cork sandles. Nothing says sexy like some new cute shoes!! at least to me :) My new favorite designer is Betsey Johnson.... you have to check out her shoes!!! those are the shoes that tempted me so much in Seattle.  I love her clothes too and am planning on checking out a store in Vancouver cuz I just might have to buy one of her dresses for my cousins upcoming wedding.

When I feel down.... and I have... I put on a really cute pair of shoes.. I know it doesn't change anything and it doesn't solve my issues...but it does make me feel better even if just for a while and I have to say that I don't think that's a bad thing. I think in the midst of trials finding things that make you feel better, even if for awhile, is a good distraction. Now I am not saying go nuts and spend all your money on what makes you FEEL better! I get that it's not a solution... I didn't buy the shoes cuz they are over $200 US and I have never spent that much money on a pair of shoes especially when the logical side of me says I can get 4 pairs of great shoes for the price of 1 pair :) I am thrifty like that :) I wait and look for good deals... like the one I found today. It is just nice to buy something special for myself once in a while.....maybe in the end making myself feel better and spoiling myself more often is really my new obsession?!


Anonymous said…
A person who never wears shoes obsessed with shoes. Very Interesting.
Shasher's Life said…
Ross stores in the US carry Betsey Johnson for cheap cheap cheap. Check them out next time you're there.

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