focus.. now I see you now I don't

I don't know why but when I watch kids run a race like I did today ( I spent the day at my kids school district track & field )... I cry.. I try really hard not too...but I do...I cry..... every time! it doesn't even have to be my own kids and in fact today it wasn't my own kids running but I cried..  I found the tears right there and it makes me all sort of emotional.

My kids did compete in shot-put and discus... my 12 year old came in first in both... like WAY first in both.. she has unbelievable upper body strength and even out shot all but 1 of the grade 7 BOYS as well... yup she actually broke a record today but then fouled the shot by walking out the wrong end of the circle.. I didn't know it was so technical but yes you have to walk out of the bottom of the circle NOT the top and she was so excited about how good her throw was that she lost her focus and stepped out the top of the circle...tough lesson to learn but I don't think she will miss it next year, (she actually would have broken the largest school districts record with that shot)!!. She is in grade 6.. just in case you lost track of the grades my crazy amount of offspring are in :) ... my 11 year old (3rd daughter) is probably the most well rounded athlete... by that I mean she doesn't just have upper body strength.. she is an amazing soccer player and actually was voted most inspirational player by her team mates after her FIRST soccer season and played the stressful position of goalie... she is a natural defensive player... and has amazing natural abilities and her size doesn't hurt.. it's no secret.. ALL my girls are tall...well with the exception of my oldest.. although she is taller than me so that makes her tall!!! I had to buy my Em more running shoes yesterday and was SHOCKED when she measured a size 10 1/2.. I had to buy her size 11 running shoes.. not sure if you ever noticed but here in Canada at least the West end that I live in... that is the BIGGEST size shoe you can buy in a regular store....did I mention she is only 12... 12 people.. so I measured my 9 year old feet as well...I just did this just over a month ago and she was a size 8... she is now a size 9..yup ladies size 9 and she has only turned 9 less than a month ago!!! anyways bunny trailed there.. my 11 year old has been fighting tonsillitis this weekend and probably should have stayed home today but being the competitive TEAM player she is she was determined to go today... she was def not up to par and came in 8th in shot put.....9th in discus...on a good day she would have come in 2nd to Emily no doubt about it... like I said she has the most natural all rounded athletic ability but she really does lack the focus/discipline it takes to make a great athlete... I hope I can teach her this... with the right level of commitment I think this girl will get scholarships...  I think Em will actually get them as well but she will get them academically as well as sports wise... she is an all rounded student.. at least I have 1!!! :) my youngest... well I think rugby will be her sport as well as swimming...she doesn't have the coordination still and I think part of the problem is the physical growth rate compared to natural development... she is  a tall girl for her few 9 years of age. It's like her body is growing faster than her brain... at this point she is quite clumsy.

But I love that they try out.... they show up... even when they are sick... they might shed a tear when they don't do as well as they thought they would...but they focus on the task at hand and give'er... I LOVE that about them. Today the girls had so much focus...even my sickie....I think I can learn a thing or 2 about that... thing is I think I taught them that in the first place... just somewhere along the way I lost it... and sitting here at the bottom of myself... I think it's just about time to find it again.


Elle*Bee said…
Hi, it's been a long time since I've blogged, and therefore since I've checked in with you. Glad you're still here in the bloggersphere.

That's awesome about your kids. My oldest runs cross country and track. He's not gifted with speed (at 5'4" his legs are a lot shorter than most of his highschool team mates), but he has amazing stamina. He just keeps plodding along and improving regularly.

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