Happy 9th Birthday FooFoo

Tomorrow is my baby's 9th Birthday! my baby is going to be 9 years old....9!!!! that is so strange!! She is sooooo excited about her birthday she has been talking about it for months...my parents are slightly reminded of what I was like at her age as I did the same thing :)  In this crazy time in our lives it's strange that life just keeps keeping ticking by completely unaware of the drama and changes. Foo's birthday is the last birthday for the "birthday season" around here...well mine might be next month but I am contemplating just ignoring it...does that make me stay 36 years old??!!! I think it just might :) My bakery is making her a sushi cake...shhhhh it's a secret so if you see her don't say anything!! her party with her friends is on the 21st and I am having my pastry chefs make her a birthday cake that looks like a box of California rolls....yup they ARE that talented! I can't wait to see it and of course I will post pics.

Out of all my girls my baby girl seems to be having the hardest time putting into words how she is doing...she seems fine some of the time and then whamo a huge explosion of anger and tears and emotions come flooding out. Well actually that could pretty much describe any one of the 5 of us "fab five" at this time. We are going to be going to family counselling regularly after we are settled ( we move pretty quickly ). It is so important to me that the girls learn from this how to support each other, express themselves in healthy and respectful ways and have an outlet ... a safe outlet... to get their feelings out and hopefully makes sense of them, learn from them and never go thru this themselves.

Foo's teacher is a little concerned as she has other issues all compounding the current situation. She has been diagnosed with Central Audio Processing Disorder. She has challenges at school due to the disorder, is aware where she is at and where she should be and therefore has developed amazing coping skills. These skills have helped her so far...now it looks like her coping skills are beginning to hinder her. Now we have to come up with a different approach and help her to learn what she needs to learn and be as successful as she can. To add to this she is a whole head taller then the rest of the kids in her class. She is also a bigger child. Her feet are now a size 9!!! LADIES size 9 and like I said she is turning 9 years old tomorrow. She is also textile in that she has to "feel" a certain way in her clothes. She will not wear jeans...not at all.. I have spent a lot of money and time trying to get jeans that fit her and convince her to wear them...at the store..then they come home and never get worn! she literally does a hibby jibby dance in them and quickly pulls them off deeming them unwearable as she cannot "stretch out" in them. This is a new thing with her as when she was younger she used to wear jeans but with the last couple of years and weight gain she has found liberation in wearing nothing but leggings and t-shirts....not even kidding and I totally wish I was. If she can't "stretch out" in her clothing she will not wear it. I am assuming she has or is starting to have a body image issue. This is a hard sensitive issue and I am working on it with our family Dr. I am enrolling her in swimming lessons...again as soon as we are settled...and then in the fall I want to put her in rugby, a good friend suggested rugby and I trust her judgement.

I am worried about her in grade 4 and the letter grades....she is behind grade level in many areas especially math...another friend's son has been the same way, he just landed an agent and is an incredible actor, she has lots of great insight as her son is in grade 10 and she has been thru what I am going thru. She suggested getting her a tutor in what she is good at!! not what she is bad at...she said just get her thru math but encourage and develop and strengthen her STRENGTHS...not her weaknesses... a totally different view then I have ever heard but I think I like it. While I realize she has to have math to graduate and she needs to learn the basics...why sweat it so much? she is an actress by nature! she can repeat tv episodes and scenes from movies and knows hundreds of song lyrics but has no concept of time or what day of the week it is. It is how she learns, how she processes. I wonder at how her learning and processing is affecting her emotional coping with the big changes going on in our family? I wonder if that is why she seems to be struggling so much....on top of her just even being 9 and that is when ALL my girls started becoming way more emotional....yes having a house full of females IS emotional and loud and crazy and a lot of time it's also amazing and cozy and relaxed :)

With all that is going on and all that comes with it I am worrying about her...worrying about all of them...and their own issues outside our family issues....and worrying how to get them thru life and school and be who they are meant to be. I am looking forward to being settled, to starting fresh and being able to concentrate on getting the best help/support for them that I can.


Shannon said…
Your amazing Lisa!,,, period.

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