a big Birthday

Today my dad turns 65! seems so hard to believe! I love my dad. He has been an incredible father. Considering that my dad had no father growing up, he had no example or role model, he did an amazing job.

Born just outside Edmonton Alberta my dad lost his dad when he was only 2 years old. His father had complications due to scarlet fever and left his mom alone with himself and his 6 year old brother. My grandma was the MOST amazing lady ever! not even 5 feet tall this little lover of all people who had to literally pray their groceries in would make donuts for the neighborhood....my dad says the kids would smell them cooking and line up the sidewalk... they lived in a teeny tiny house with an outhouse in circumstances below todays standard of poor. She never complained. She just loved and served.

My dad was a BUSY little boy... I am sure if they diagnosed kids with ADD or ADHD in that era he would have been a prime candidate based on the stories he has told me. He was a bit of a trouble maker and well known as the "tough" kid in the school... not many were willing to take him on. He was a great hockey player...cuz he is Canadian EH! :) .... and weeks upon weeks of playing outdoor hockey then thru the Edmonton leagues he was actually scouted to be drafted into the NHL but turned it down to pursue a career in Architecture... he pulled his grades up, said goodbye to the ladies.. and made his way thru Tech and became a Design Consultant.

If I could only use 1 word to describe my dad it's "worker", this man who came from nothing, literally, made his way thru school and worked and worked and proved himself and started his own company after he married my mom.... and thru many ups and downs, dips and rises in the economy is where he is today in the business world due to hard work, and faith. He met my mom when he was 25 and fell in love instantly...they MARRIED 8 WEEKS later!! he adopted my moms 2 little girls and loved them as if they were his own. It's safe to say that from the day he married my mom he became their father in the truest sense. He didn't even care if they had more kids, he was content with his new little family. Being the worker that he is my dad was gone a lot putting 150% of himself into his business to be a good provider for his ever growing family..... at one point there was my mom and dad, us 4 girls, 2 cousins, 1 boy -living with us so he could go to the private school we were going to, and 1 foster sister all living in a house with 1 bathroom!! ... while he was gone a lot he made the time he was at home count. He took us for picnics, took us to the park, played with us in the snow..he made the BEST forts ever.... he gave us quality time with what precious time he had. I am sure he was exhausted most of the time and only as adults did we know the extent of the extreme pressures and stresses he was under and as small kids we were entirely unaware.... that is a total gift!

He is a giver. He has given much of his little time to others and ministries around the world. He supports countless missionaries and help relief projects. He gives even when he had nothing to give.

He is selfless.
He is kind.

He is often misunderstood as his brain is constantly going at 150 miles per hour and juggling more thoughts then most of us could handle...his face sometimes expresses something else that he is thinking about not necessarily what you are talking to him about. Not everyone gets this.... I can sometimes be the same way!

He has a HUGE sweet tooth and a LOVE for ice cream and goodies! why do you think he opened a bakery? :)

He is generous...... in my situation right now....if it wasn't for their generosity... I don't know where I would be, not just financially but of his time and energy to help me with things I simply cannot do myself.

He loves. He simply loves. He loves his girls. He loves our mom. He loves his grandbabies. He loves his great-grandbabies. He loves so many. He loves.

and I love my dad.

Happy Birthday daddy


Shash said…
I love this post. I'm stealing it for my blog :)

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