and we're moved!

I kind of feel like we, me and the girls aka the fab 5, have started a new chapter in our lives....well ok I don't feel I know. The move went well with one hiccup of telus having a "glitch" in my move order... we were without telephone/internet/tv until today. You have never quite seen a company of all women movers quite like us :) we did have help from some men later in the day but us women did all the boxes and all but the really big stuff! We are getting settled pretty quickly I think mostly cuz I purged SO much before the move... and I bought a lot of new furniture which people had to spend hours putting together :) oops :) I have planted plants in my little back yard and plan to string up little white lights and make it cozy.

I have never lived in a townhouse before and I really like it... so far! my neighbors are amazing and thankfully have 2 very busy little boys Foos age and is so patient and giving and caring that I am blown away! it feels like I have known her for a long time. The girls all ride their bikes and play outside SO much more...well with the exception of the previous house having a pool.... and I love that. My kitchen is a tad small and literally hardly any cupboard space but nothing I can't handle! the rest of the house is perfect for us and we are all really happy here.

All in all I have to say that we are physically settled.

Emotionally....... well that is a different story... but I think we are definitely on our way.

The girls are feeling all this... feeling it all in their own unique ways, feeling it the way their brains process things and I am feeling them feeling it :) it's been a challenge to say the least. This kind of pain and process is so extreme and you are so unprepared for the waves of emotions and challenges that come. Now add to that the challenge of pretty much being a full time single mom... a full time working (presently at 6 days a week) full time mom and I usually fall into bed in a coma like state. BUT... we are working at it... talking talking talking...or forcing them to keep talking! and with help from the community we are surrounded by I know we are all going to be just fine...better than fine actually.

Life throws you unexpected events and I am so learning from this. I want to live my life within a state of grace, grace for me and grace for others... I know I will mess up sometimes but I know that I am forgiven and I chose to keep forgiving.


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