Friends are amazing gifts. True the kind that let you ramble on at 150 miles per hour and hardly come up for air.... the kind that listen...really listen... the kind that speak the truth to you, the honest this may hurt but I have to say it cuz I love you and its the truth..... the kind that love you unconditionally... the kind that make time for you and your problems in the middle of their own trials.....THOSE kind of friends are worth so much more than mere words can describe. I am so glad I have a few of those in my life, tonight I got to spend time with one that has been my friend, my honest true friend for our entire lives....and that is becoming a longer and longer time!! I love her, respect her and admire her! Their family has been thru SO much and yet she makes time for me when I need it. She is inspirational. She is a friend.


rena said…
so true!

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