Cancun 2011

What a whirlwind of a trip! that is a LONG distance...1 RV 2 planes 1 bus = 14 hours with 8 people! crazy but you just know that going to Cancun alone is worth the effort!

We left at 6 am sat morning and arrived at the resort after 10pm! we felt the heat right away landing in Cancun and I have to say that the airport smelled like a giant aquarium to me! Our hotel room was beautiful wall to wall marble and had a breathtaking view of the Ocean. The wind was WILD! like really wild and my poor sis Tam had a hard time controlling her hair... or mop as she would call it!

Our first day we just wanted to relax sit in the sun read our books and drink the lovely drinks :) so we did.... and we got SCORCHED! like badly didn't seem to matter how strong the lotion or how often I applied it the girls were getting burnt...we even resorted to tacky tourist hats and t-shirts in the water...and they STILL got fried! their poor little noses are all pretty bad.

We went to Chichen Izta which was amazing and hot hot was hard for Faith she found it dreadful, so did Morgan but she didn't have the melt downs the 8 year old did! the amount of vendors selling their wares there was a tad overwhelming. Even when the tour guide was talking about the history of the Mayan people we had people coming up and tapping us saying "$1.00" "which one" and man are they persistent. The toilet facility at the place brought me back to my trip to Kenya 20 years ago...OMG 20 years ago??!!! crap...anyways there was no running water, no toilet seats, and no flushing that worked...yah made for an interesting challenge for the 8 year old! :) Being in a place with that much history is amazing and is for a lack of a better term mind blowing. Hard to imagine my disgust at the basic toilets when this was built how many years BC and the technology they had!! really amazing.

The next day we rested some more....burnt some more....burnt some new places!

Wednesday we went to Isla Maharis....the boat ride was brutal due to massive waves the tipped the boat to side to side. I couldn't help but think I had somehow made it on to the deadliest catch series! it was wicked Em and sis Tam and mom do NOT do that well and we all were sitting in a NON-THROW up zone from them!! Once we finally made it to safe ground puke free!! we rented golf carts and drove around the Island to a water park where the girls and I went snorkeling.....cept for Faith once I saw the waves there as well I knew she would not handle it well...which then SHE didn't handle well and had yet another melt down...I didn't last that long out there as well as salt water was leaking thru the cheap goggles and stinging my eyes and the combo of the boat ride heat and being in the massive waves was proving too much.. I actually don't LOVE water...I don't LOVE being IN the ocean at all...not when I can't touch I kind of panic..the girls didn't believe me till well till I panicked! they had a lot of fun though! then Em and Hailey went zip lining over the so cool!! they had a blast...which also ticked off 8 year old again and the melt down continued. It was hard for her to watch her sisters get to do all the fun stuff...the age gap really showed up on the trip. The boat ride back to the main land was actually worse then the ride over in the fact that there were literally bolts from the boat sitting on the seats instead of being screwed tightly into place in the boat which is where you want to see the bolts!! one of the engines broke down so we waited an hour before being able to leave the sun was setting and all I could think of was us stranded at sea...all of which my sister was thinking and she doesn't really do boats or traveling well so yeah it was great!! :) uh hem...then when we finally made our way across the boat couldn't dock properly with only 1 engine and it made for a bit of a nervous time trying to get OFF the boat 2 feet away from the dock with the wild waves dipping it to and fro! but the locals looked relaxed so we figured everything would be A OK! phew we were glad to get OFF that boat!!

The next day we relaxed again and that evening we went to the Hacienda Horse Show....another scary bus ride they are CRAZY drivers!! this was fun and interesting but we couldn't help but feel sorry for the horses..Em was almost in tears.

Our last day we relaxed and did some shopping and went to visit the other time share in my parents package. That place felt more like a resort where ours felt like a hotel stay over the resort experience and next time we go down we will stay there! they also had better food in the buffet with a big salad bar something ours didn't have at all and they knew what a Mojito was so I was won over right there ! I tried desperately to get my dad to have us stay another week :) but know that I will go again maybe with just my sisters or friends! it was great taking the girls but I would not try that on my own in a foreign country. As safe as I always felt as I was constantly watching to make sure they were in eye sight and that was no easy task!

My sis tam and I visited the Coco Bongo Sunday night and man what a trip that was!! we have never seen anything like that EVER! the most entertaining night club. I had no idea such places existed and it was well worth the $55US to get in...drinks were included and as long as you tipped your server your hand was never empty. The dancing and acrobatics were fantastic..the music amazing... you just couldn't dance very well.. Tam and I had to stand on our seat as we were tucked into a back corner and we couldn't see without standing on we had to dance on the spot but again it was totally worth it! so so so much fun!

A great trip overall! despite a few typical fighting's between the girls, a few melt downs from the 8 year old, getting completely burnt, it was a blast and I am SOOOOOOOOOOO thankful to my parents for taking us! the first couple of days emotionally I was a bit stunted and had a hard time catching my breath here and there but by the end of the week I was starting to feel much coming home is a different story and I have a lot of things to contemplate and the house to organize and sell...have to keep grounding myself and pulling's a bumpy ride!


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