the hair drama

After much thought and some encouraging emails to leave well enough alone I have decided to NOT remove my blog from popping up on Facebook. Those that are not interested in what I have to say can simply chose to not click on the said pop up and continue reading. Now that I have decided that, I am not going to mention it again...moving on!

I haven't posted for awhile about my hair and it's regrowth so here it is.

c vxSept 11 I shaved it and apart from well wishing comments nothing was said that was rude or astonishing. It was an experience like none other and I highly recommend it :) Like my dear friend says.. it is the most liberating empowering experience in the most insecure way....couldn't say it any better than that.

She just shaved her again yet again as her daughter is losing her hair again. Her strength and love is awe inspiring and I am so inspired by her every day. Geli will win this fight with Leukemia and I am sure that her mothers strength has a lot to do with it and is helping her cope with this dreadful situation.

My hair grew back quite quickly and thick thick thick... I have always had a lot of hair but with all the babies and all that that brings I lost a lot of it. I used to have to get my hair thinned as I would get terrible neck aches from the weight of it. It looks like I am in that position again. I was pleasantly surprised by the very few greys that I have!! yahooo that is something to be happy at at 36 years old :) but I was not happy about how very dark it was. It wasn't even a color I could describe but the color of the water after you have been painting and you have mixed all the colors in there....just a blah color. I didn't like it at all. I struggled with the hair "cut" per say as well as it was so hard to get it to do anything other than look like a giant Q-tip. It just wanted to stick up and lay forward. Because it is/was now "virgin" hair it was even harder to work with as damaging your hair actually makes it easier to style. I couldn't wait for it to be long enough and my scalp (I am allergic to something in shampoo and have constant exima on my head and well all over my  body for that matter) to heal. The day finally came and a friend of mine gave me some professional hair color along with mixing instructions and I set off at once to lighten and brighten my hair and be the blond we all know I should be :)

It didn't exactly turn blond. More like a strawberry-blond-border line-orange kind of color....UGH but at least it was lighter but I hated it. So a week or so later I couldn't stand it anymore and went to London Drugs to purchase an ash blond thinking that will keep the orange at bay and make me blond. All it did besides fry my scalp some more was highlight the orange a little. Over all not too big of a difference cept for looking a tad more orange. That was it I declared war on my hair and went back to London Drugs thinking 3 times the charm and bought the only thing I knew had ever worked before...Blondissima....member camp days sitting and doing big chunky streaks in everyones hair?! so fun...anyways... I left it on for the precise time required all while constantly checking on it to make sure blond was showing up... the ENTIRE time my scalp burned like serious BURNAGE. It was aweful. This was on New Years Eve....hours after my life got interrupted and minutes before we were to be at my families restaurant celebrating. My sister Shash was there to supervise. We thought hoped prayed it was working. I finally rinsed my hair all the while knowing that my scalp was paying a high price for my vanity. And what do you know..... I got florescent orange hair! yup you could see me from space I am sure. At least it was dark outside and was going to be dark inside the restaurant. What a way to bring in the New Year! in more ways than 1.

Knowing my stupidity of trying to fix this myself I knew my only resort was to call a professional. I am picky about who I go see which I know is now moronic as I tried to fix it myself so many times! but I ended up running into someone I knew on Sunday who happens to be a hairdresser to happen to have an opening the following afternoon...glory alleluia I was almost saved! She simply put an entire bottle of toner on my head in 2 applications and whala bye bye orange! soooooooooo happy! and

only $25 from salon,
$25 in box color in previous 2 attempts,
$18 for recommended purple shampoo to keep evil orange from reappearing on head,
and who knows how much in stuff to heal my burnt fried scalp
total experience of shaving my head for the most amazing 13 year old EVER...


Reg said…
Funny! Only because I been there done that. The orange thing that is. See it from space is about right. I shaved my head right down to stubble and wore a hat to cover my shame. Vanity is right, I was freaking out about all the grey hair that was showing up and the fact that the lack of sun in Canada as compared to California was turning my golden blond to light brown. I wanted to be blond again. Serves me right! I am a guy and should not be concerned with such things. Anyway, that was about twenty years ago. Now I am 100% silver and thinking about going to see a professional again. I hate being a girly man!!!! But, I think I hate this more. Feel for you Lise. My scalp does not take kindly to those chemical either. I think the secret is to put some sugar into the mix. But don't quote me on that, I remember something about that being mentioned the last time I had it done. Cheers and good luck with that. P.S. Nothing wrong will letting you blog post a link on FB. Point out the one who said that was wrong and I will smack them upside the head for you. That is how it is suppose to be done. Either that and/or an email, or twitter link..... DaaH! :-D
Shash said…
missing pictures!
Shoz said…
That is a hilarious story and also sooo ironic as I read your sisters blog and saw a pic of you from new years eve and followed her link cause I thought to myself, "she has funky hair, she must be cool!" and here I am being right. Cool and funny! Thanks for the laugh and brining up all kinds of memories too!

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