Christmas Memories #9

oops I missed yesterday..I was so hoping to do this every day but life gets in the way some times!

I have been so busy with work, like literally feeling the whole crazy chaos of the Season which is our "playoffs" so to speak.. and now I am down 1 baker...her mother is in a coma and has to leave the country to be with her. I can't imagine going thru that and the fact that it is Christmas makes it even worse! I am so glad my parents are so young yet.

so Christmas Memories #9

well I have to say that I always looked forward to the schools Christmas exciting as they were :) ... for the first 6 years of my education I was blessed enough to be 1 of the 30ish kids in the church basement school k-12! yup...30ish! for a long time my cousin D and I were the only 2 in our grade, that made awards night pretty competitive to say the least :) and yes there were awards nights for all 30 of us .. ok this is all taking me back. I know and understand why my parents put us in this school and they had the best intentions for us. I also know that it wasn't that bad...besides the teacher that I swear hated me and that if you had a fight with your group of friends you were pretty much on your own as there were not that many kids to choose from! We did have a lot of fun and I have some great memories there and if nothing else I learned great character :)

Our Christmas plays were a total highlight. There has always been a draw to the stage for me. The lights, the costumes, the overcoming of the back stage butterflies. I loved it all. The play I remember the most was the one where we all had to actually audition for parts in. I had to sit with a teacher in a room by myself and sing.... I think I was around 8 or 9.... I got the part I wanted. I felt so proud. I even had a little solo where I am sure my parents thought I sounded like an angel but I probably missed half the notes. I even remember that I had to wear pj's for the play and afterward we all went out for White Spot (this used to be a big family favorite.. until my parents bought their own restaurant) ... and I was so embarrassed to be still wearing my pj's and housecoat in the restaurant.

It's funny the things you remember!

Next week is the little girls Christmas play and I have a special event at work that same evening... so I made arrangements for someone to cover for me so I wouldn't miss the girls play. Foo is a caribou and while I have NO idea what that has to do with Christmas I can't wait to see her BE a caribou! The girls are glad that I made them the priority over work, sometimes, well more than sometimes, they feel 2nd fiddle to work. I would not have missed their Christmas play for anything!!!


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