Christmas Memories #6

I have to be honest and say right now I got nothing...not that I don't still have a lot of Christmas Memories that I know you can't wait to read :)

I am just struggling with the pain in my neck and the busyness at work and the brutal fact that this year we don't have a lot for Christmas for our kids. Like really little.

I hate that. I love to spoil them... I love to have the tree surrounded by loads of boxes of presents and while I understand that it is not the "reason for the season"... giving is a big part of it.

I am not sure how my parents did it in the lean years? and I know there were many lean years. Now they have a whole load of grandchildren and a growing number of great grandchildren so it's a good thing they are out of the lean years!

We never knew we had little...well until we were teenagers then it was pretty obvious! but when we were really little we didn't have a clue.

It stresses me out what is going on in our economy right now and the fact that there is not the high paying jobs as before in J's work. I hate to focus on it. I hate the stress. I hate feeling so low about it and yet I am just keeping it real.

So my challenge this year is making that little bit stretch and making Memories with my children in the midst of financial and other personal struggles. I hope one day they look back on this Christmas of 2010 and remember it fondly and think mom is amazing.. no I mean... I hope they don't remember the stress...just the joy of Christmas.


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