Christmas Memories #7 & 8

ok I totally bailed on yesterdays post... I was in so much pain there was no way I could sit and type! I went to a massage therapist today and I have to say that I LOVED it..what a difference. While I am still sore I have some more mobility and I am hoping grocery shopping didn't screw it all up again this afternoon :(

So where were we????!
I am going to do 2 posts here so that I can catch up!

Christmas Memories #7

I have to say while this could and should be seen as a shameless self promotion plug for my bakery! I don't like to tie my personal blog too much to work! I need to be able to say what I want and feel without worrying about the work/business aspect of everything and working for/with family that is just a messy situation anyways.

That being said one of my favorite Christmas Memories is making a gingerbread house with my sister Shash and my mom...I don't think ANY house lasted untouched until Christmas, there was certainly a lot of pinching off of icing and " oops that candy was loose anyways" going on! (my bakery is selling fresh from scratch gingerbread houses that are AMAZING...just sayin!!) it was great bonding time and a lesson in patience...(this is being repeated at work as some customers cannot wait the few minutes to let the base set...which is VERY key in a successful standing house!) and just general great fun with my mom and sis. All worries, boyfriend troubles :) , sibling bickering seemed to come to a halt while we constructed our master piece. Eager to show off our design and creation to our father who is a design consultant by trade ( there wasn't a bathroom unvisited or critiqued by my sister and I, all in the effort to please our dad by our ability to have an "eye" ) It really is one of the greatest Christmas memories/traditions I have and have continued with my girls.

And yes this year we will be assembling a fresh from scratch wholesome gingerbread house at the bakery :)..... (had to get 1 more plug in there!)

Christmas Memories #8

Youth or Church Christmas Dinner

I remember picking out the MOST fabulous dress one year down in the states at one of our families little mini weekend holiday getaways. It had a white stretchy top and a full black satin the floor and then some as God didn't grace me with height :) and it had a thick black satin belt. I felt like a princess in that dress. I loved going to our churches Christmas dinners. It was totally an opportunity to get all dolled up and show off...really that was about all it was about to me from ages 12 on! The whole atmosphere was festive and gay and had such an excitement about it. My sister Shash who is 2 years older than me and for most of my life, my rival! competition is in our nature!! would even help me with my makeup and hair. It was a magical fun evening. I loved singing Christmas carols and loved the joyous anticipation of being appreciated for how well I looked all dressed up... just keeping it real!

Tonight my 16 1/2 year old daughter and our 16 year old Chinese Exchange Student got all dolled up for their youth groups Christmas dinner... it was fun to do Morgan's hair and makeup and my oldest sister Tam was here to cheer us on and help take pictures as she got ready. It totally took me back. Even our student was all excited and put his best clothes on and posed all serious for a photo to come as soon as she gets home and I can figure out how to get them on here .. my laptop is not working and I am at her computers mercy!...

Nights like tonight were highlights in my teenage years and I love reliving them with my daughter and in just a few short years the rest of the girls.


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