Christmas Memories #3

I think mostly when I think about Christmas, family, is the one word that is first and foremost in my mind.

I love my family.

I am the youngest of 4 girls. We had foster kids in our home as I was growing up and we always had someone staying with us. We had our cousins, who really are more like sisters, live with us as well. If there was someone speaking at our church...they stayed with us! The more the merrier was a life lesson we all learned well. From outcasts to refugees....literally!!... we have had our share of couch crashers and learning to share whether we liked it or not!

We had no idea that a large part of our childhood our parents were struggling financially...something I think today's kids are much more aware of and I wish mine were more like how I had it as a child. We always had great food. My mom became a cook extraordinaire and she learned to make a little stretch a lot. At one point we had us 4 girls, a cousin or 2, a foster sister, and a boy staying with us so he could go to the private church basement school we went too...that's a whole other post!!..... with 1 bathroom!!! that's right 1 bathroom!!!!...lets just say there was plenty of banging on the bathroom doors and plenty of fighting over mirror time with all those sister shash and I were way too little to be primping in front of the mirror although I would have done anything to just be a part of whatever was going on..cuz surely something was always going on in that household and as the youngest of it all I knew just KNEW that I was missing out something great and wonderful :)

Christmas just has that great overwhelming feeling of family...the more the merrier is how I like it....fill the table till we have NO more room but somehow we find that one last inch...make a meal stretch like never before........laugh and just BE together.

That is the Christmas of my heart.


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