Christmas Memories #2

I have to start this with saying I totally scored the last 5 advent calendar's at wall-mart tonight! they were placed on a bottom shelf and it took me awhile to find them and I thought I missed them..and thought I was in for a night of searching! but then there they were! :) phew! so happy to continue the tradition and my student was really happy to get one to.

I really have so many Christmas memories but I thought this would be a great way to get me to keep my blogging up a little and since I see this blog as a journal for my girls as well, I really hope I can manage to keep this up!

My most different Christmas would definitely be the year I spent it in Africa. The year was 1991 and I was 17 years old in a foreign Country away from my parents for the first time ever for that long let alone gone for Christmas. I was definitely emotional. I remember the thought of my sisters and my parents and grandparents...and my dads mom my grandma was very very sick, in fact she passed away shortly after I returned a few months later.....and my nephews and niece all gathered together for Christmas dinner eating moms delicious cooking...turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce...all things I would miss in Kenya!

We celebrated Christmas at the YWAM base in their "love feast" form. We had a big feast with special Kenyan dishes and ywam'rs favorites....I was given the task of braiding the palm leaves which we made an arch out of ...of course we ate outside...Christmas in the middle of the dry season...dry season meaning it was not unheard of to be 114 in the sun and a cool 104 in the shade!!.... we all wore our best clothes...sundresses mostly and shorts! our best flip flops...fought for the shower which was a tap that dripped and we would collect the drops and then fill our bucket and sponge bathe! there was an outdoor shower that had a few missing gaps in between the wood planks that we would sometimes brave.

We ate till we could eat no more and then sang some Christmas songs and sat around the very strange Christmas tree with strange decorations and did our gift exchange game...which was a total hoot. All the time my family was close to my mind and my heart. I did manage a quick phone call home and tried to talk to my dearly missed family through my tears and huge feelings of realizing how very far away I was. I clearly remember that feeling to this day.

It was the first and last time that I have spent a Christmas outside of my Country let alone without any family members....and one I will never soon forget!


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