Christmas Memories #10

so I have completely decided that I am NOT able to post every day.. it was a nice idea and I did put some serious effort into it but with this being the busiest Season at work I have to admit that I can only do so much! I am on straight now until Christmas Eve then bliss oh joy I get the entire week off until the 31st.. then I just have to go in for half a day to do the cash and payroll then I am off again until the 4th!! YEHAW I can hardly wait! I know that after all this hard work that time off is going to be SWEET!

speaking of work.... one of my Christmas Memories is baking with my mom...or watching her and waiting to lick the spoons and bowl...yes we licked the bowl! My mom made amazing melt in your mouth I made some that were pretty close :) She was always busy in the kitchen growing up from canning to prepping and all that is involved in taking care of a LARGE family!

My mom always let my sister Shash and I "play" in the kitchen. We pretty much had free range and the only condition was that we had to clean every drop up. Ketchup and mustard cookies were not the greatest but we did make some edible items once in awhile! :) I think this freedom created 4 girls who are all not afraid to cook and actually enjoy it. It made us great cooks.

I have allowed my girls to do the same thing. Hailey can actually make pretty decent cookies with no recipe at all..... however I am not as good on the follow through as my mom is and therefore the girls don't clean up after themselves like shash and I did!! I am working on in point it is after 10pm and ALL the girls are still up..not listening...sooooooooo frustrating...and yet I am just ignoring them at this point as"angry yelling mom" is too tired :) ( I just finished a 5 hour cleaning marathon on my house as it is seriously neglected with all my long work hours)

well that's about it...pretty exciting post I know but I am seriously dog tired...and I can't stand my whining anymore!!


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