Christmas memories #1

Christmas is my most favoritest time of year... like by far! It used to be my birthdays... until the number became something I didn't really want to celebrate! so now it's just Christmas.

I love the commercials, the music, the excitement in the air. I love giving. I LOVE love love watching my girls open their presents and be totally excited..I hope... that I managed to get the right thing for them. I love it all.

This year I feel SO far behind the 8 ball... I even missed buying the chocolate advent calendars in time and am hoping stores will still have some! I have never missed that. I waited a little longer this year as my youngest daughter, aka foofoomcgoofoo who is 8....has a problem not sneaking them BEFORE it is even Dec 1...she has not made a year yet eating it chocolate per day! but anyways I just cannot believe I forgot! it's a tradition that I will probably always continue. My mom always bought them for us when we were little and I love that they look the same..well except for the commercial ones! ..and I tend to think they might be some of the SAME ones! you never know how old stuff in stores really are :) ... (I used to work at K***t so I have an inside scoop!) my sister and I would race to the kitchen to open our little paper flap to see what the picture on the chocolate was...sometimes I sneaked the whole thing open so I could look at the backside...and yes occasionally some of my sister's chocolates "disappeared"... ok maybe Faith is a little like me :) ... it was just such a regular part of our Christmas that I looked forward to every year.

So much occupies my mind these days, not that that is unusual....but I do not like feeling so far behind. I am determined to keep our little traditions..come what may! and am totally excited that my sister is coming out with her family for Christmas this year! a living room jammed packed with kidlets!! what could be better?!!

what are some of your favorite Christmas memories?


Shash said…
Having Christmas with you!

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