to halloween or not to halloween, that is the ?

Yesterday we drove the girls out to Kilby to see their haunted house. It is well worth the beautiful 1 1/2 hour drive for us (it was not that spectacular of a haunted house per say but just a fun thing to do), specially with the leaves all turning color and we saw so many bald was beautiful.

I have reservations about the haunted house and how far to "celebrate" halloween. I grew up in a Christian home and halloween was not something you celebrated! not even secretly! Throw in a health nut for a mom and the day was not something we were allowed to participate in. Our church would have a "harvest" party where we got to dress up as a Bible character/ most memorable costume was when my mom spray painted brown bags and we were silver soldiers!! The best part of Biblical costumes was you pretty much just needed what was in your linen closet...a towel, sheet and a drapery tie and you were set!! My dad let us secretly go trick or treating on our street one year when my mom was away...she came back early and gave our candy away to the kids coming to the door...who were thankful it wasn't an apple again! we usually had an apple covered lawn in the morning. Save to say halloween was not a part of our childhood and it was usually associated with a lot of fear for me.

Skip ahead to when I become a mom......

I dress my kids up every year.... I have always allowed them to go trick or treating..... we usually take them to some event around that time..... we never did let them wear scary costumes up until last year....Last year foo begged and begged to be a vampire and with all the twilight hysteria in our home I finally relented....this year she is repeating her vampireness. Morgan is going as Cleopatra, Emily as an 80's aerobic instructor and Hailey as miss electric...something she made up, she is SO her own little person. I do have a little apprehension in letting faith be a vampire. I am not sure if it is just good Christian common sense :) or the halloween is bad and satanic upbringing I had...or both??!! I would rather her be something not scary. The older the kids are, the less I enforce my childhood beliefs, well some of them at least.

Here is the dilema....... is that wrong?

I guess it depends which side of the Faith Fence you sit on.....not even sure that is a PC or accurate statement to might have nothing to do with faith or ones personal belief system at all.

I find it interesting when parenting my own girls how much I look back and think of my own childhood and try to take in why my parents did certain things with us. Sometimes a little bit of guilt seeps in and I am not sure I am doing the right thing. But then I don't know if it is my own conviction or not....confusing and really not a HUGE issue for me but I have been thinking about it and then wondering if others out there think the same things as me.

So the question you participate in halloween? why or why not? did you have a similar upbringing than me? and if so, how do you view halloween now that you are older?


Patti said…
We do let the kids dress up and go trick or treating. Halloween, for us, is more about dressing up and getting candy than celebrating some evil holiday. It always seemed to be the true start to fall for us. Cold, crisp, wet dark days kick in for sure at this time of year.

However, I won't let the kids dress us as anything that is evil or gory or that has anything to do with death. We've had enough "death" touch our lives without making it fun, light hearted, or acceptable. So, no ghouls, goblins, vampires or ghosts over here..

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