feeling the effects

I don't normally post about the economy or politics but there is a first time for everything! I also try.....emphasis on the word TRY.... to be a positive person. If I was taught one thing in my childhood it was about the power of our words!

I think it is safe to say that BC's economy ain't that hot! we have definitely been on a downward spiral as a Country and now our Provincial Gov't has increased taxes. I get that we have debt, I get that we have a socialist government, for the most part....all the "free" services have to paid somehow! We are so heavily taxed and with last years introduction of the carbon tax we are now paying tax on tax. It's crazy.

We are a middle class family that is feeling squeezed into lower class. My husbands plumbing business has taken a hit after the July 01 7% tax increase. We haven't had such a poor summer in a long long time. He has other plumbers calling him for work. So not only was there already a shortage of work before the tax but there has been a huge dip since the tax. Obviously I am against the HST, for me and my family it hurts financially.....a lot! for example, my children are bigger girls with huge feet and since the tax change on size of clothing I pay full tax, they do not fit most children clothing and definitely not shoes....2 of them have bigger feet then me and I am a size 9.

So many things are increasing and yet our income is decreasing.

I have heard that the entire Country is feeling the effects of BC and Ontario's recent tax increase. There is a cry from the restaurant association as restaurants have been the most affected and I know this on a personal level as my family owns a restaurant. People are watching their few pennies and eating out less and the 7% increase is being taken out on the servers with way less tips and just a lack of attendance! I know that a lot of people are jumping the border and shopping in the States. The combination of our high valued dollar right now and their way of saying screw you to the tax increase is too appealing for many. Unfortunately that does not help our economy out at all but as a family of 6 I can understand you got to do what you got to do to make ends meet.

This leaves our family wondering what can we do to make ends meet? how long will this all last? the HST is here and the process to appeal or have it reversed will cost the tax payers...us... MILLIONS of dollars...and how do we get that paid back? I personally think our Gov't giving themselves a 40% raise in the last 6 years should be reversed...I think that way too many of our services is top heavy...by that I mean pay the board directors less and eliminate some of the many many Government Board positions all together. Just my personal opinion :)

Our plan....looks like we are going to try to sell our house and are looking for a place to rent. Hopefully one day we will own again. I can't help but think if we had stayed in our first house we bought 10 years ago and didn't do all the moving, how much further we would be ahead ?...but throw in an auto-immune disease a crashing economy and a general all over price/tax increase and how does anyone know how to plan/save for that?!

It's hard to not feel afraid of the uncertainty, to have faith that our current Provincial Gov't will do right by the people...I certainly don't want the other guys in power, they are a big reason our Province is in most of the debt.

Not a great feeling at all. For the first time in our adult lives the uncertainty is bigger than any sercurity.


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