really be me

Today marked Day #6 of being bald, although my hair is growing in quite quickly! After feeling self conscious for the first few days and I am hot! my body really doesn't know what is going on without all that insulation!.....I actually have NO issues with being bald. None!

I really didn't know if I would and that was part of the process of all this. I am pleasantly surprised that I am actually really good with it. It helps that I get a lot of compliments and a lot of wow you have a great shaped head and wow you really can pull that blad thing off.... that really helps, who am I kidding :) I have had a few of my kids friends say I sure look like a boy and weird. It's all good.

The conversations it opens up are amazing. Everyone has been touched by cancer.

For me, as not only has this process affected me, but the fact that another close relative of mine was recently diagnosed with cancer.... I have to face it yet again. Today I felt a little shocked on learning about it and I quickly knew I have to make lifestyle changes. This will be the 2nd intestinal related cancer in my close family. I don't want to be among those numbers. I have to be healthy and while cancer is not a respecter of persons and is as random as it is least it seems that way to me... I want to be pro-active in my life so that I give my girls a great example and be here as long as I can for them.

So I shall start with a cleanse...I used to always do cleanses once a year and severely have slacked off. I am determined to drink more water. Eat healthier choices on a regular basis. Loose some weight. Find JOY in everything I do. LOVE. And ......... really be me.


Amen. I think everything happens for a reason and can be wake up calls for us. Life is precious - feeling good, doing all that God asks us to do and experiencing joy! Look forward to your posts. Keep being a light to others :-)

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